The Gameological Questionnaire

Ramiro Corbetta, creator, Hokra

Ramiro Corbetta, creator, Hokra

Colors don’t come cheap in the fantasy deluxe version of Corbetta’s minimalist sports game.

By Matt Gerardi • June 14, 2013

Last week, we asked Gameological readers to submit questions that we could pose to developers on the E3 2013 show floor. We picked five of our favorites; those questions constitute The Gameological Questionnaire.

Ramiro Corbetta is the creator of Hokra, a minimalist sports game that has been making waves at festivals, parties, and exhibitions since it debuted at the NYU Game Center’s No Quarter exhibition in 2011. It’ll finally be available to the wider public as part of Sportsfriends, a suite of same-screen multiplayer games that will make its way to the PlayStation 3 later this year. I caught up with Corbetta at Sony’s E3 booth and got his answers to the Questionnaire.

The Gameological Society: If Hokra had a super-deluxe edition that cost $1,000, what would you put in the box?

Ramiro Corbetta: You’d get Hokra, as you have it now, but you’d get one extra color. Right now it’s just purple and green, and you could have a blue player. People would probably pay a thousand bucks for that, right?


Gameological: It works for fighting games, right?

Corbetta: Yeah, people will pay for new characters. I’m figuring a new color and maybe a circular character instead of a square. These are just [downloadable content] ideas. They’ll come out. It’ll probably just be a hundred bucks, tops.

Gameological: But for a grand, you’d get everything?

Corbetta: For a grand, you’d get circular characters and a blue character.

Gameological: Sony and Microsoft have new consoles coming out. What exciting things can you do on these machines, in terms of game design, that you couldn’t do before?

Corbetta: I think on the PlayStation 4, the Share button is awesome. We’re making these games that are supposed to be for people to come together at a competitive level locally, and there’s the idea of like, oh, you do something cool, and you want to quickly upload it to your friends. That sounds really cool to me, especially thinking of a game like PoleRiders that has all these really silly interactions. We’ve streamed our games before, and people come watch us play. It’s that silly feeling in these games you want to share it with your friends.

Gameological: If an alien species discovered Hokra as the last remnant of humanity, what would they learn about us?

Corbetta: That we’re competitive assholes who only want to beat each other at things. Also that we came together to have fun. I like that idea. I think if they discovered a lot of games, they’d be like, “Oh, I guess there’s just one person left on Earth and they just sat alone in front of the TV forever,” but maybe if they discovered our game, they’d be like, “Oh wait, you need a bunch of people. So these humans did interact with each other.”

Gameological: What wine pairs best with your game?

Corbetta: I think something really cheap so they can drink a lot of it, like box wine. Franzia. White wine, maybe. Nicely chilled. The one where you open the thing, and it flows a little too fast, and you’re like, “Shit, I just spilled my cup. I guess I’ll just chug it.”


Gameological: The cheapest. The thing that flows the best.

Corbetta: And the thing you want to drink with your friends.

Gameological: What’s the craziest idea that came up in production that didn’t make it in?

Corbetta: I have an eight player mode where there’s four controllers, and the right analog stick and left analog stick each control a player. So eight players can play, and it’s a complete shit show. I don’t know. It kind of works, but it’s kind of terrible. I’m always tempted to throw it back into the game, but I think I just want to put the good Hokra in there instead putting of the bad Hokra in, too. It’s pretty crazy. It’s kind of fun in an over-the-top, not-fun way.

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7 Responses to “Ramiro Corbetta, creator, Hokra

  1. Spacemonkey Mafia says:

       Get a box of blush and some sweaty Colby on a triscuit and you’ve got yourself an art opening!  …And possibly some art, but that’s pretty optional.

  2. PaganPoet says:

    Many a summer sangria has been made from a box of Franzia. I like.

  3. NakedSnake says:

    Honestly, nothing in this article, screenshots, or the video reveals anything about how the game works. But this is an effective piece of hype, for I want it anyhow.

  4. Citric says:

    So basically, the special edition would be marketed towards the Happy Happy Cult.

  5. Pyrrhus_Crowned says:

    Sportsfriends! I’ve been intrigued by some of those games ever since their Kickstarter came out ( Super Pole Riders looks hilarious. 

  6. Effigy_Power says:

    Definite contender for the “Fun Dev” title. Not quite SR4 quality yet, but close.

  7. Professor_Cuntburglar says:

    His bit about adding a round, blue character for a $1000 pretty sums up 90% of all DLC (play as a differently colored Batman! Make your gun dark green instead of brown!).