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Don't Escape

Scourge Of Night Guy

In Don’t Escape, you are your own worst enemy.

By John Teti • June 24, 2013

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Jerry Seinfeld once did a bit bemoaning the late-night antics of Night Guy—his wee-hours alter ego who stayed up as late as he wanted. “What about getting up after five hours sleep?” Seinfeld asked. “Oh, that’s Morning Guy’s problem.” In Don’t Escape, you have the ultimate pain-in-the-ass Night Guy: Once the moon comes up, you turn into a bloodthirsty werewolf.

So Don’t Escape flips the script. The object of this point-and-click adventure is not to free yourself from shackles but rather to rig up an abandoned hut that will thoroughly entrap your lupine self once night falls. That way, you’ll have a clear conscience in the morning, and the un-mauled villagers will thank you. Alas, the werewolf version of you is awfully resourceful, so the solution here isn’t as simple as handcuffing yourself to the bedpost. You need many layers of defense against your own craftiness. Don’t be afraid to fail, though, because when the werewolf outwits your best-laid plans, his success can give you a hint for your next try. And there’s a built-in walkthrough if you’re truly stuck and just want to get some sleep already. But then again, that’s Morning Guy’s problem.

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13 Responses to “Scourge Of Night Guy”

  1. Dave Dalrymple says:

    So the entire game is basically that babelfish puzzle from the Infocom Hitchhiker’s game? I might enjoy this.

    • The_Misanthrope says:

       Man, that game was just designed with screw with veteran interactive fiction players.  That puzzle, the various mostly-useless tools (“What the hell is an ionic diffusion rasp?”), “no tea”–It could be maddening, especially in those pre-internet days.  And then the next game he authored for Infocom was Bureaucracy, which was even tougher and crazier in its logic (at some point in the game you have a check with a negative amount on it).

      • ChicaneryTheYounger says:

         The BBC Online version of the text game had a puzzle guide that became increasingly irritated with you for not understanding its obtuse hints.

        • Girard says:

          The text version of the game (at least the version I had) came with built-in invisiclues-style hints, which mitigated any pre-Internet stuckness you might get into.

    • Girard says:

      I am so glad that there exists a place where I’m not the only person who immediately thought of that.

  2. ProfFarnsworth says:

    This game is quite the nice puzzle.  I found it very fun.  I like puzzles where the ultimate problem is yourself.

  3. duwease says:

    This reminds me of the preparations Sober Me would make for Drunk Me before going out at night.

    • Citric says:

      I actually have a friend who is a completely different person when drunk and when sober. Sober friend is a nice guy who is reliable and fun to hang around with. Drunk friend wants to get in everyone’s pants. So when Drunk friend is around we have to actively keep him in the common area where he can’t have sex with people he’ll regret later.

      Someone could probably make a flash game out of it, the difficulty curve slowly increases as he ingests more vodka, and you have to keep him away from men and women who would do him harm, or at least be a particularly embarrassing person to wake up next to.

      • The_Primordial_Dr_Zoidberg says:

        I’m curious:  have you ever been drunk?

        Also:  do you mean when your friend gets drunk, he tries to get in everyone’s pants, including your own?

        Also: I’m 30, but I still can’t drink vodka (bad things happen- even this past weekend! I thought it would be a good idea to keep hanging out with a ex late into the night when my girlfriend was at home asleep! Goddamn birthday parties for other friends! Always get ya!).

        But yeah have your friend man-up, switch to Burbon, and make better decisions about who to fuck and why.

        • Citric says:

          I have, frequently, though my reaction tends to be less horny than this guy. I tend to be like myself, but with more exaggerated movement and lots of swearing.

          Also: Yes, everyone in the room. It happens whatever he’s drinking, though when he mixes his own drinks they’re absolutely vile and undrinkable. I just used vodka because I remember some awful concoction he made with raspberry vodka.

  4. Chalkdust says:

    This reminds me of an indie game I heard about months ago, a two-player werewolf thing done top-down, 16-bit style, where player 1 is normal guy, setting up barricades and traps to prevent player 2, normal-guy-as-werewolf, from wreaking havoc on the town.  A more classic Zelda-ish approach to this concept.

    I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called, and all my searches for “two player werewolf video game” are just turning up variations on that guess-the-bad-guy party game (sometimes known as Mafia).

    • Chris Hansen says:

      You’re sure you aren’t talking about SangFroid?

      • Chalkdust says:

        No, definitely not SangFroid… it was top-down, with 2D tile-based graphics (that might have also been retro 16-bit style).  The screenshots I recall were more 1800’s city streets and not wilderness.