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Walk On The Regicide

It’s not so good to be the king in King’s Ascent.

By Jason Reich • June 28, 2013

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Despite what conventional knowledge and bawdy Mel Brooks movies might have us believe, it isn’t always good to be the king. The monarch in King’s Ascent has a few skeletons in his closet, not the least of which is an actual dragon skeleton—now reanimated and intent on chasing His Terrified Majesty the king up the many levels of his incredibly vertical palace. If this is how they built castles in the old days, no wonder the monarchy fell apart.

As the king, you scamper up a series of platforms, most of which fall away beneath your feet. The crumbling blocks slow down your pursuer—at least as much as a supernatural dragon-demon can be deterred by an errant brick or two. The trick is planning a safe route up the castle walls, while keeping the dragon close enough on your heels to get bonked by the falling blocks.

It all makes for a pretty fun coffee-break game, but King’s Ascent also squeezes in some surprising pathos. The frantic conversations between chasee and chaser suggest that perhaps all is not what it seems in this peaceful kingdom. Escape with your life if you can, but the evil that men do lives on after them. As do, apparently, enormous talking dragon skeletons.

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4 Responses to “Walk On The Regicide”

  1. Merve says:

    I played the first level of this, but all it did was remind me of the similar but much superior Knightmare Tower.

    I do love the hilariously bad voice acting, though. It kind of reminds me of old video games.

  2. zzyzazazz says:

    I found it got too difficult on the last castle, and I ultimately wasn’t able to beat it. I just found the controls too shitty too justify the difficulty at the end.

  3. I liked it. Nice little story with the right amount of emotions, and the gameplay was a nice execution of the “introduce, then test” model of game design.

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