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B-Movie Magic

Snaaaake! harnesses the power of schlock.

By Adam Volk • June 18, 2013

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If the SyFy film Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid (starring the incomparable Debbie Gibson and Tiffany) taught us anything, it’s that giant snakes eating terrible actors is always entertaining. That kind of B-movie fromage is alive and well in Snaaaake!, a game in which you, playing as a 50-foot mutant python, terrorize an unsuspecting population. The only objective is to destroy, constrict, crush, and kill everything that stands in your way. Your cross-country rampage takes you across 10 different areas, including a Boy Scout jamboree and a Coachella-style music festival. At the end of each area, the game assigns a dollar value to the mayhem you’ve caused (because hey, some poor insurance schmuck has to do the paperwork anyway).

To aid in your ophidian obliteration, you also collect a variety of powerups, including the ability to slow down time and the obligatory giant laser. Snaaaake! hits the cheesy creature-feature vibe perfectly, with a news crew that offers a hilarious running commentary on the mayhem, plus a soundtrack that makes the game even more entertaining as tiny, pixelated crowds flee your wrath. It’s a serpentine experience worthy of Mega Python himself.

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2 Responses to “B-Movie Magic”

  1. George_Liquor says:

    Monty Python Vs Gatorade? 

  2. Mike Podgor says:

    This isn’t a bad game, but after the initial play-through it gets very repetitive.