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Ten Circles Of Bullet Hell

Obsolescence puts a new spin (literally) on the “bullet hell” shooter.

By Jason Reich • June 11, 2013

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Any Tetris junkie knows the feeling of trying to fall asleep only to find that you’re unable to switch off the maddening afterimage of falling blocks that seems to be projected from the back of your brain directly on to your inner eyelid. A few games of Obsolescence may give you the same sensation, only with dizzying snowflakes instead of clunky squares.

Though it isn’t entirely clear what is being made obsolete here, chances are it’s whatever technology is powering your avatar’s insignificant speck of a cannon. You move around the outside of a circular arena, firing constantly at the swirling, chaotic mass of machinery in the center. At first, these fractal-like farragoes pose no threat, but pretty soon, they start firing back. Destroy the machine’s core, and an even more elaborate and insanely armed enemy emerges. Imagine Tempest crossed with non-stop “bullet hell” boss battles, and you’ll get a sense of Obsolescence’s potential to make your eyes bleed.

Only the most focused and masochistic of players will make it through all of Obsolescence’s 10 levels, but even when you’re getting blown up, the game’s spinning geometric patterns are hypnotic. Obsolescence is good for at least a few minutes of sweaty, button-mashing panic, but after that, you just might want to stare at a blank wall for a few hours until the visions subside.

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One Response to “Ten Circles Of Bullet Hell”

  1. blue_lander says:

    I think “bullet hell” type games have ruined the genre. They’re like the Nu-Metal of shumps.