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Xbox E3 2013 press conference

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

At E3 2013, everyone gangs up on Microsoft, everyone falls in love with Sony, and Nintendo is also there.

By Sam Barsanti • June 17, 2013

The Bulletin is a roundup of a few game-related news stories from the previous week.

Microsoft at E3: Forget-me-now
Xbox E3 2013 press conference: Titanfall

You may have heard some unpleasant stuff about the Xbox One in the last few weeks. It needs an internet connection, its treatment of used games is super-complicated, its treatment of giving games to friends is even more complicated, and it may or may not be constantly spying on you. Luckily for Microsoft, the company had a fantastic opportunity at last week’s E3 convention to come out swinging and show off all of the great games that are going to make you forget about all of that bad stuff. In theory.

First, Microsoft took a moment to talk about that ratty old Xbox 360, stinking up everybody’s living rooms with its ability to play used games or whatever. In honor of the Xbox One’s hip new “ugly VCR” design, Microsoft will be releasing an updated 360 model that is specifically designed to match the new console. If you’re wondering why Microsoft is apparently marketing an Xbox 360 to potential Xbox One buyers, this GameTrailers interview with Microsoft’s Don Mattrick should help explain it.

There you go. If you want a console that isn’t always online, buy an Xbox 360. Or, you know, a certain other option. Or two. Or three. But I’ll get to that later.

Moving on to the Xbone, Microsoft spent most of its press conference parading out flashy big-budget games that you’ll be able to play on the new console in the next year or so. Some of it was expected, like the barbarian-stabbing simulation Ryse: Son Of Rome (which has been teased a few times in the past), the mass-zombie-slaying game Dead Rising 3, and a new Halo game. But a couple of surprises managed to sneak in, like Sunset Overdrive, a parkour-based shooter from the formerly PlayStation-exclusive studio Insomniac Games, and mysterious game called Below from Capybara Games, part of the team behind the iOS hit Superbrothers: Sword And Sworcery EP.

However, a couple surprises were a little less surprising if you’ve been keeping up with The Bulletin: Killer Instinct and Titanfall. I mentioned the possibility of a Killer Instinct revival back in April, when Microsoft settled a few lingering trademark issues with the name. (Admittedly, my stance back then was a decidedly safe “it’s not not happening,” but I’ll still count this as a win.) Interestingly, it looks like the new Killer Instinct is going to be available in a free-to-play version. Kotaku is reporting that one character and all modes will be free at launch, with additional characters available for purchase separately.

Titanfall, on the other hand, was pretty much a sure thing after its existence leaked a few weeks ago. What I wasn’t expecting, however, was just how cool it would look. Call Of Duty with mechs sounds fine, whatever, but seeing the one robot rip the pilot out of another robot and then throw the pilot in the air was pretty much the coolest thing. At the end of its show, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would be in stores this November for $500, a full hundred dollars more than the most expensive version of the Xbox 360 at launch.

Sony at E3: Mic drop
E3 2013 PlayStation press conference

You know how every superhero movie has the part where the villain just sits back and allows himself to be captured while the good guys unknowingly dig their own graves and play right along with his evil master plan? I think that was Sony’s approach to E3 this year. It watched Microsoft build up all of this bad press over used games while people worried that Sony would do the same thing, and then BAM. Harvey Dent gets blown up, Iron Man’s friend gets killed, and Sony laughs all the way to world domination.

First of all, Sony finally revealed what the PlayStation 4 will actually look like, and shockingly, it’s another black box. But wait! It’s not just a black box, apparently it’s a parallelepiped (which is a good thing to know the next time you get a million P and L tiles in Scrabble).

The rest of the press conference was innocent enough, with Sony revealing a series of exciting new games you’ll be able to play on its upcoming PlayStation 4. There was The Order: 1886, some sort of steampunk shooter about killing Victorian werewolves. There was also a tease for a game based on the Mad Max movies (which is being developed by Avalanche, the studio behind the Just Cause series) as well as a bizarre tech demo from Quantic Dream (known for Heavy Rain and the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls) that showed off the PS4‘s ability to render old-man faces.

The long-delayed Final Fantasy Versus XIII also got a new trailer, and Square Enix, the publisher, officially re-christened it Final Fantasy XV (making it II whole fantasies better). Square Enix also teased the Disney mashup role-playing game Kingdom Hearts III. One of the centerpieces of Sony’s presentation was when it showed off no less than nine indie titles coming to the PlayStation 4, including Transistor (the next game from the Bastion developers), a remake of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, Octodad 2: Dadliest Catch, Don’t Starve, and Ray’s The Dead.

By most accounts (including that of our own Ryan Smith), Sony put on a pretty good show, but at the end it got even better by hitting Microsoft in the face with a series of proverbial glove slaps: The PlayStation 4 does not require an internet connection (once every 24 hours or otherwise), it does not have any restrictions on used games, and it will cost $400. Sony even released a wickedly tongue-in-cheek video in response to Microsoft’s complicated game-sharing policy. It’s hard to believe this is coming from the same Sony that had so many dumb E3 moments in previous years.

One notable absence from Sony’s E3 lineup was The Last Guardian, the long-awaited follow-up to Shadow Of The Colossus from Team Ico. Sony’s Jack Tretton told Game Trailers that it is “on hiatus,” but Joystiq reported that the game is still “in active development.” If we’ve learned anything about damage control over the last few weeks, we know the real answer: It’s not coming any time soon.

Nintendo at E3: Hey, remember Mario?
Super Mario 3D World

Nintendo sees you guys fighting over there, Sony and Microsoft, and it doesn’t want any part of that nonsense. “Video games are supposed to be fun,” it shouts, waving around the expected handful of sequels to beloved games that it puts out every year. Sure enough, what Nintendo lacked in surprise, it made up for in sheer Nintendo-ness.

The House That Mario Built announced a new co-op Mario game for Wii U called Super Mario 3D World that lets you play as all four of the characters from Super Mario Bros. 2. (Yes, even Peach!) And unlike the New Super Mario Bros. games, this one will be a 3D platformer in the vein of Super Mario 64. Also, Mario can wear a cat suit that lets him climb up walls, and it is just the cutest thing ever.

Nintendo then introduced Mario Kart 8, which is a Mario Kart game (and will therefore spread nothing but frustration and hatred throughout the world), as well as two new Super Smash Bros. titles, one each for the Wii U and 3DS. The big hook in every Smash Bros. sequel is seeing which video game characters you’ll be able to pummel to death, and this new entry is actually shaping up to have a cool list. In addition to the obvious picks like Link and Samus, Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS will introduce an Animal Crossing villager, the female trainer from Wii Fit, and Capcom’s Mega Man.

Also, as you may recall, late last month Warner Bros. announced Scribblenauts Unmasked, a title that claimed to include “every character who as ever appeared in a DC comic book.” I believe my exact words at the time were “Yeah, right,” and sure enough, the developers at 5th Cell are now backpedaling. According to Joystiq, they are now saying that “it’s not possible to get everything that’s ever been created.” My apologies to the readers who had their hearts set on an appearance from Arm Fall Off Boy, but at least I can count this as another correct prediction.

Oh, and that part where I said Nintendo didn’t want to be a part of the petty squabbling between Sony and Microsoft? Well, Nintendo might be above that, but it is certainly not above pouring salt into a gaping stab wound. Speaking with Polygon, Nintendo Of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said that “if [game developers] build great content, then the consumer will not want to trade in our games.” In other words, he’s suggesting that maybe used games wouldn’t be such an issue for certain other hardware developers if the games they were putting out were, you know, better. When the company behind the debacle that is the Wii U is giving you a hard time, you know things aren’t going well.

Third parties at E3: We’re here, too!
The Walking Dead: 400 Days

The Walking Dead: 400 Days

Despite the fact that they get most of the attention and I’ve devoted the entire Bulletin to them so far, E3 is not all about the big three console makers. Other companies had things to announce at E3, too! Like Electronic Arts, everybody’s favorite publisher. EA has had even more bad press lately than Microsoft, but rather than charge right in and hope everyone forgets about it, EA spent the show doing as much crowd-pleasing as possible.

First, the company brought a PopCap representative onto its press conference stage to announce Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, a third-person shooter that takes the iconic flora and turns them into Team Fortress 2-style archetypes like “healer” and “sniper,” while somehow looking significantly more fun than it has any right to be. Also, before getting off the stage, the PopCap guy revealed that the studio is currently working on Peggle 2. And then he did an uppercut. It was rad.

Also rad? EA showed a teaser for a new Star Wars Battlefront game and a trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition, the latest entry in BioWare’s fantasy role-playing game series. Then, in another moment that Bulletin readers knew to expect, EA finally gave Mirror’s Edge fans what they’ve been begging for and announced a sequel to the first-person parkour game. Joystiq reports that the new Mirror’s Edge will be a “reboot,” but hopefully that means “prequel” and not “we’re just making the same game with fewer shooty parts,” but I guess we’ll see.

Telltale Games also showed up for E3, and it revealed that a bonus chapter for its Walking Dead adventure game would be coming to a slew of platforms later this summer. As reported by IGN, it will be called The Walking Dead: 400 Days, and it will tell a “Pulp Fiction-like anthology story” that bridges the gap between the game’s first season and the upcoming season two. So if you’re looking for a fun, breezy game to spend some time with this summer…you might want to look somewhere else.

And lest you think E3 is no place for indie games without a big-time publisher backing them, Polytron released a slick teaser announcing Fez II, a sequel to its world-rotating (and brain melting) puzzle game. Also, Fez creator Phil Fish is a pretty outspoken guy, so he probably made a crack about Microsoft on Twitter, just like everybody else.

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58 Responses to “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”

  1. rvb1023 says:

    As pleasant of a surprise Mega Man was, does anyone else feel that Villager and Wii Fit Trainer are incredibly lame character choices? Both are characters I have never seen anyone ask for and both I barely considered characters. It all but confirms the inclusion of a Mii character (I hope that doesn’t take up another character slot) and completely changes the precedence for what characters can get in. 

    • I humbly disagree. I’m way more excited for the Villager and WiiFit Trainer characters than for Mega Man (though I’m pumped for him too). Have you seen the Villager’s moves? Looks amazing! The pleasant little fellow can grow and chop down trees as both barriers and area attacks, throw turnips, drop potted plants on people’s heads, and most amazingly, can grab any projectile attack, pocket it, and release it later. Plus, there’s a very good chance the alternate costume/color schemes will include a female villager and several face types for each, making it one of the few universally identifiable fighters in the game (though there are people understandably upset that the version shown in all the promo materials is male when the game desperately lacks female representation and Animal Crossing is an extremely popular franchise with female gamers). WiiFit Trainer, honestly, had me giddy. Her quick and nimble moves based (loosely) on actual human flexibility will make it all the more fun to dodge and take down the more superhuman characters. Plus, her final smash attack of yoga poses is ridiculous in a wonderful way. Smash Bros is not a “serious” fighter just like Marvel vs Capcom 2 was not a “serious” fighter, and you can’t tell me that game didn’t benefit from having Jill Valentine and Servbot as playable characters (well, you probably could, but it would break my heart). Outrageousness is the game’s whole charm!

      • GaryX says:

        Yeah, they’re a perfect fit. You thought losing to Jigglypuff was shameful before?

        You do not yet know what shame is.

      • rvb1023 says:

        I have no problem with “out there” characters being added, I would just like them to be actual characters.

      • George_Liquor says:

        Hey, speaking of less-than-serious fighters, remember Fighters Megamix? It was Sega Saturn game that let you fight with, among a whole bunch of other weird characters, the Racecar from Daytona USA.

      • DrFlimFlam says:

        Amen. Villager is AWESOME.

    • neodocT says:

       I actually liked both the Villager and the Wii Fit Trainer. I’m a big fan of Animal Crossing, and his moves seem to fit right in with the Smash Bros. series. Wii Fit Trainer was completely unexpected, but hilarious nonetheless. I like the idea of a purely physical fighter (and a female one too boot!), and really appreciate it that Nintendo seems to be doing more than just fanservice. I mean, absolutely no one was clamoring for Wii Fit Trainer, but they put her in because it represents a Nintendo franchise and, damn it, this game will be as Nintendo-y as can be.

      And while I wouldn’t put it past them to put a Mii character, I’m not convinced they’ll go that route, mostly because it seems like it will be a pain to set it up before each match.

    • His_Space_Holiness says:

      No matter what characters get chosen, all your friends will keep playing Fox vs. Falco, final stage, no items, over and over until the heat death of the universe.

      • neodocT says:

         I hate Final Destination. I get trying to play competitively with no items, but Final Destination is a very unfair level. Some characters are just so much better than others on a horizontal playing field, not to mention how bland it looks.

        Battlefield is the fairest neutral level in the game, and I’ll smash anyone who says otherwise!

      • Effigy_Power says:

        Ahem, Big Freeze… don’t push your space-dogma on us.

      • Professor_Cuntburglar says:

        I hate that. It’s like they don’t realize this is a game for fun.

      • rvb1023 says:

        I think I would kill myself before I let that happen.

      • Groofus says:

        Fuck playing without items. Smash Bros. is supposed to have as much chaos going on on the screen as possible at all times. Plus if it weren’t for accidently hitting people with a hammer sometimes I’d never manage to get any kills.

      • Merve says:

        My friends used to do this in college, and it drove me up the wall. I want to play on the stage that flips upside-down and shoots laser beams, damn it!

      • DrFlimFlam says:

        I go random. It’s the only way.

        • Matt Kodner says:

          my favorite part of Brawl was being able to select a pool for the random to choose from. there were so some gawdawful levels in that game that thankfully I never had to play. *cough cough* 75m

    • Citric says:

      Nope! I have no intention of getting a Wii U but the Wii Fit Trainer had me thinking about it. It’s so sublimely silly.

    • Chalkdust says:

      One of my favorite things about Nintendo and Smash Bros. especially is, sure, they’ll listen to the fans and include obvious choices like Sonic the Hedgehog, Kid Icarus, Mega Man, etc., but they’ll also throw in these curveball underdog characters like Wii Fit Trainer, Mr. Game & Watch, King Dedede, and Villager.  If it was only ever characters people were expecting, it would get boring.  They’ve struck a balance between obvious and unusual, and that just makes it more fun to me.

      • rvb1023 says:

        Again, I fall back on the actual characters complaint. I like the silliness and I like being surprised but I don’t like being underwhelmed. When there is still a plethora of Nintendo characters and franchises yet to be represented we fall back on a generic NPC and faceless and soulless silhouette of a person who instructs people on the practices of yoga.

        They didn’t even go with Tom Nook.

        I don’t know, maybe I am just bitter since every character we get like this, there is less room for new characters I actually want.

        • Chalkdust says:

          I’m wracking my brain trying to think of major characters from Nintendo’s long-running franchises who haven’t been included yet.  Who’s missing, in your mind?  Slippy Toad?  Midna?  Birdo?

        • rvb1023 says:

           @Chalkdust_TMAI:disqus The villain representation in the Smash series is incredibly lackluster. Bowser, Ganondorf, Dedede, Wolf, maybe Wario?

          I heard K. Rool was rumored, which would be a fantastic addition. And while I am not a fan, Kid Icarus has some villains that could be added. How about a Metroid villain? Fire Emblem?

          Nintendo has also acquired quite a few franchises since Brawl’s release. How about Xenoblade characters? If whacky characters are desired, why not someone like Captain Rainbow? Why not someone from Wonderful 101?

          Maybe it’s just because where they decided to pull their “joke” characters from are series I don’t like, but these were kind of just meh announcements.

          Again, this is just me not really feeling these two characters and the rest of the newcomers could make up for it. It’s just that the best Smash related announcement for me was that Bowser now has a dropkick.

        • Chalkdust says:

          @rvb1023:disqus For Metroid the problem is, unless you go with a generic space pirate, all her villains are gigantic, and have mostly been included as to-scale stage elements.
          K. Rool would be welcome (also Dixie Kong, if we want to get more female characters in… her powers are different enough from Diddy’s in the DKC games too, if I remember correctly).

          I’m not familiar enough with Kid Icarus or Fire Emblem to pick their villains out of a lineup… anyone iconic and/or instantly recognizable? (Wii Fit Trainer may not be iconic but there’s no mistaking who she is at a glance)

          On the other franchises you mentioned, as much as I’d like to see somebody from Xenoblade, remember that it took a concerted player-driver effort to get Nintendo to release that game in the US at all (as for Captain Rainbow, that sold exceedingly poorly even in Japan).  Though, I had never heard of Fire Emblem until Marth and Roy were introduced in Melee, so who knows.  There’s still time!

          If you recall the press for Brawl, it was a very prolonged affair, with characters, stages, trophies and other tidbits announced over several months on their website.  Especially considering the size of the rosters over the games so far (12, 26, 35), I would be rather shocked if they were only adding 3 new ones this time.

          Anyway, wishing and hoping for new Smash Bros. characters is a long-standing pastime of mine, so I don’t mean to play Internet Smart Guy and defuse your suggestions.  Just trying to look at it from their end, and determine if A) this is a character people want to see or, failing that, B) this is a character people will get a kick out of.

          So while they’re canvassing Capcom for use of Mega Man, they should totally also include Franziska von Karma from Ace Attorney, and Sissel from Ghost Trick!  Above suggestions stand as well, but I’ll also add Fi, the weird helper spirit from Skyward Sword, the Elite Beat Agents, and Isaac from Golden Sun to my current dream list.

          DrFlimFlam mentioned Starfy, which I’m on board for, too.

        • Chalkdust says:

          @Chalkdust_TMAI:disqus Oh jeez, I’m dumb!  The most obvious why-aren’t-they-in-yet character from a long-standing Nintendo franchise has gotta be Little Mac from Punch-Out.

      • DrFlimFlam says:

        I could go for Starfy in the game. They could add/split Pokemon in there or give us a Team Rocket to go against Pokemon trainer.

        Also Prince Fluff from Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

    • Brainstrain says:

      I think the Wii Fit Trainer is a hilarious choice, and the Villager is pretty cool.

      Personally, I think that Olimar was a lame inclusion, but I’ve never played a Pikmin game and it’s just, like, my opinion, man.

    • George_Liquor says:

      Frankly, I love how the Smash Bros series can turn an incredibly banal character into a fascinating study in motion and animation. Mr. Game & Watch is a prime example: Historically, he’s just a shadowy blob of liquid crystals, but in SSB, he packs a wealth of clever animations that are drawn entirely from his Game & Watch appearances, but still perfectly appropriate to the actions he’s taking. His jerky, unpredictable movements also happen to make him a very formidable opponent. 

    • LoveWaffle says:

      An Animal Crossing character seemed like an inevitability, and Wii Fit Trainer is an incredibly surprising choice. But I’ll hold off final judgment until we can see more of them or more of the game’s cast.

      Also, the inclusion of the Mii would be awesome. Base its attacks on Wii Sports and Nintendo Land, with your Mii as a skin.

  2. Effigy_Power says:

    I am mostly interesting to see what all of this means for PC games in the end. Many games, or at least the ones getting cross-platform releases, were severely hobbled by the fact that the 360 and PS3 weren’t exactly on par with modern PCs anymore, so it’s nice to see that undone.
    Of course the consoles will at first seem superior to Upper-Middle-Class PCs, that’s unavoidable, but that won’t last.
    And with what I can only assume will be less-than-stellar sales numbers for Microsoft, the PC might get some more developer love. It’s not that I think the XBone won’t sell at all… they could staple a piece of old cantaloupe to a dead walrus and put an X-logo on it and still sell a handful… but the current tone, baring all upcoming revolutionary backpedals, looks pretty meager.

    • rvb1023 says:

      My biggest problem with PC gaming these past few years is that it is clearly being held back by consoles, so this generational leap should alleviate some of that. The ironic part is that this actually made PC gaming cheaper than ever, since upgrades needed less frequency to keep up with what games were capable of doing.

      Though I do hope then probably floundering XBONE will get some of the developers who left PC gaming for the Xbox to go back to where they made better games.

    • Citric says:

      The problem is now I need a new PC again, and I’m probably going to spend all my money right before they boost all of their minimum requirements to respond to more potent consoles, like what happened last time, and my PC will be expensive and useless.

      Though I don’t exactly have the money for a big shiny new PC, even if I need one.

  3. duwease says:

    What I wanna know is.. what will be available on release?  Would love to go ahead and make a PS4 my Christmas present, because it’s a lot harder to justify it the rest of the year.  Plus, if it’ll play PSN games I could go back and play one of the new Personas!  (I have a PS3, but the Xbox has the living room so I can exercise with the Dance Central series, so I don’t get enough time with it to play PS3 RPG’s).

  4. neodocT says:

    As exciting as it is to read all about these new consoles, I am in absolutely no hurry to get any of them. Considering my PC is doing pretty well, I think I can hold out for the inevitable price drop a few years from now, and then get all the games I missed on the cheap. It’s what I did last time, and don’t regret a thing.

    Having said that, I may end up buckling if the new Smash Bros. and Mario Kart come out before a Wii U price drop. Damn you and your unreasonably fun local multiplayer games, Nintendo!

    • Effigy_Power says:

      Actually, that is: Damn you and your pretty much exclusive examples of fun local multiplayer games, Nintendo!

      Seriously, do people not like playing against each other in the same room? I have two version of “Scene It” on the 360 and it’s a huge blast with a bunch of people! But quality games in that department are so rare.

      • neodocT says:

         I love local multiplayer, and you’re right that it’s almost gone now. It seems like the only options, really, are Call of Duty, the occasional local co-op in Resident Evil and old Guitar Hero/Rock Band games.

        I even tried supporting Sony’s experiments with Little Big Planet and Sony’s Bunch of Characters Battle Royale thing, but my friends and I just couldn’t get into them like with the Nintendo franchises.

        And considering it’s much more profitable for each player to buy his own copy of the game, I don’t think we’re in for a resurgence of local multiplayer with the new generation.

      • Patrick Batman says:

         It’s pretty meat-and-potatoes hack & slash, but if that’s your thing like it is mine, Dungeon Siege 3 supports up to 4 players in non-splitscreen couch co-op. 

        Not to hijack @Effigy_Power:disqus, but does anyone have any other recommendations for non-splitscreen local multiplayer games other than gameshows or fighters?

        • Effigy_Power says:

          Well, racing games still reign supreme in the split-screen department, but I remember a lot of games that used the hotseat function for round-based mechanics. Anyone remember Battle Isle? There’s gotta be a big, untapped market there.

          Also, being hijacked by Patrick Bateman sounds less than pleasant.

        • neodocT says:

           Little Big Planet and the Lego games? There’s more on the Wii, but there aren’t too many to be honest…

        • CaptainStrychnine says:

           Trine (1 and 2), Monaco, Rayman Origins, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Shank (1 and 2), Dustforce, Magicka, Shatter, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, and Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony are all recommended. I haven’t played B.U.T.T.O.N., but it looks like it could be fun with the right people. A couple of these are PC only, but most are multi-platform.

      • HobbesMkii says:

        You Don’t Know Jack has a 360 version which is a 4-player well worth the money.

    • Jon Benson says:

      On the rare occasion I play a bit of single-player NintendoLand, I tend to drop the controller in sheer boredom within minutes. But when I have a few friends over, we’ll play Luigi’s Ghost Mansion and Mario Chase for literally hours on end. It’s amazing.

      • neodocT says:

         Have you gotten to play ZombiU or Monster Hunter? If I do get the Wii U I’m thinking of trying those out, and am curious as to whether they’re any good or not.

        • Jon Benson says:

          I rented ZombiU but realized after half an hour it’s not the game for me (turns out I don’t enjoy suspending my disbelief enough to risk being afraid) and traded it in for something lighter. So I can’t really say on either of those.

      • George_Liquor says:

        Kinda sounds like me and Left 4 Dead. I get absolutely nothing from that game when I play it alone, but with a friend, I’ve been known to play all four chapters in one long, ass-numbing sitting.

  5. brokenwheelchair says:

    I wish Telltale would put out another series of Back to the Future.

    • Sam_Barsanti says:

      I do too! I know it wasn’t nearly as well done as Walking Dead, but it was fun. And I thought the cliffhanger ending was so off-the-walls crazy that it’ll be shame if they never do anything with it. 

    • duwease says:

      And Sam & Max, and Monkey Island, and.. nah, Wallace and Gromit wasn’t actually that great.

  6. Jon Benson says:

    For the record… Super Mario 3D World is not in the same vein as Super Mario 64. It’s 3D, but if it’s anything like 3D Land then it’s in a decidedly different sub-franchise than 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy. A suckier, more linear, more 8-directional sub-franchise.

  7. George_Liquor says:

    That Fez screenshot reminds me of Wolfenstein 1D. It’s the most fun you can have with a line!

  8. Marijn Lems says:

    “the team behind the iOS hit Superbrothers: Sword And Sworcery EP.” Not entirely true; the Superbrothers themselves aren’t involved. And thank God for that, otherwise I would HAVE to buy an Xbone.

  9. Sleverin says:

    Is there some reason the gaming press is not talking about FF14 very much?  Being part of the community we already know everything, but it feels like everyone else is kinda left out in the cold.  Is everyone still really that bitter about the launch sucking?  

    • aklab says:

      Until this FFXV announcement I didn’t even realize 14 had happened. I seriously thought 13 was the latest game. 

  10. robthom says:

    ” There was also a tease for a game based on the Mad Max movies (which is being developed by Avalanche, the studio behind the Just Cause series”

    PS FTW.

    Its all over.

    I agree its interesting to see sony kind of snapping out of hit after more then a few pretentiously alienating moves last gen.

    Pushed completely across the finishline by ms upping everything pretentious and alienating that sony ever did by 11.

    What sony has to make sure to keep on top of though, is stocking their console with western/european game devs.

    Japanese Game devs haven’t really…
    ahem, stepped up their game since the ps2.

    A big part of what stalled the ps3 IMO.