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First-person Dark Souls is jaunty as all get out

By John Teti • July 31, 2013

Word comes from Polygon of a Dark Souls player who has made the notoriously difficult role-playing game Dark Souls even harder by shoehorning it into a first-person perspective. The player goes by the name of Soul Slasher, so make sure your soul is in a safe place before you watch the video above, which demonstrates a software mod that gives you a hero’s-eye view of the action. (The normal Dark Souls camera maintains a respectful distance from your character’s skull.) It’s more of a novelty than a viable option, as even Soul Slasher admits that the hack makes Dark Souls almost unplayable.

In theory, this mod ought to evoke King’s Field, an appealingly strange series of role-playing games by From Software (which produces the Souls games). King’s Field was rendered from a first-person point of view, which made the careful swordplay even trickier than it might be if you could see your character on screen. I’m fond of King’s Field, and if you want, you can read something I wrote about it once.

But in action, the video does not remind me of King’s Field. Instead, it’s something altogether weirder, because look at how freaking jaunty Dark Souls becomes with this mod. The little hero swings his sword and shield as he jogs along, as if he’s fighting under the banner of the frabtabulous, magneriffic Gumdrop Queen. “Tra-la-la, I’m off to slay some skeletons, chim-cheree-cheroo!” And then the fighting begins, and we all succumb to motion sickness. Harrumph!

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14 Responses to “First-person Dark Souls is jaunty as all get out”

  1. MintBerry_Crunch says:

    “Do you want to see a playthrough in first person?”

    Well, well, if it ain’t Mr. Hot Stuff. 

    If we all invade him and he can’t make a mockery of anyone.

  2. Aurora Boreanaz says:

    King’s Field was the first PS1 game I owned…I bought a PS1 the day before I took my driving test, and King’s Field because I wanted an RPG.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that I couldn’t save without a memory card…so after playing for about ten hours I paused the game and drove to Wal-Mart (thankfully open 24 hours as this was probably about 1am) to buy one.  I can’t remember for sure, but I think I failed to save when I got back and had to start over.

    Also fun, I stayed up all night with a friend, and then went to take my driving test the next morning on no sleep.  I passed by 8 points.

    • George_Liquor says:

      That story should really end with ‘There were no survivors.’

    • MintBerry_Crunch says:

      The luxury of being old enough to buy a memory the card the same day as your first game! 

      I am, and was, considerably younger—at the mercy of my parents and probably of where I lived at the time, not even quite sure I remember if PS1’s were in stock in the country when I had mine imported from Europe. 

      I replayed the first chapters of my first game, *Swagman*, for what seemed like some sort of hellish damnation (and what a tough son of a gun that was). 

      Not that I had anyone to tell me of the miracle of saving your progress. I eventually got a clear message from the back of Final Fantasy VII’s manual, something about daring you to beat the game without a memory card. Heartless bastards.   

    • Citric says:

      A friend of mine kept his PS1 on for two weeks because he didn’t have a memory card and was in the middle of Treasures of the Deep.

  3. Staggering Stew Bum says:

    The PC version of Dark Souls needs a bunch of mods just to get it to run properly. It’s a shitty port, but that’s ok because I only bought it so I could take the piss.

    This, however, is the greatest Dark Souls mod:

  4. George_Liquor says:

    I love that your character is just a couple of disembodied gloved hands; like how Rayman would look in an FPS. Explains the jaunty gait, too. 

  5. TheMostPopularCommenter says:


  6. It’s interesting that you can’t see shit when your shield is up with this mod. That’s a cool real-world consequence of being able to protect yourself and would be a neat balance for the “turtle” mode this game encourages you to play in. 

    Pretty impressed Soul Slasher were able to hack this together. Looks like the real Devs could have made this work if they had wanted to. 

  7. rvb1023 says:

    When I first heard of this mod, I hadn’t even considered King’s Field comparisons.  Even as janky as that mod looked it still ran smoother than KF games. The KF games really need to be released digitally or remastered or something because I only got to play the PS2 one.

  8. raotnt says:

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