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  • The Peacekeeper

    The Art Of Peace

    The Peacekeeper would make Gandhi cry.

  • Spelunky

    PC version of Spelunky includes daily challenges so you can prove you’re slightly better at not dying than your friends

    Spelunky, the randomly generated, tough-as-nails Indiana Jones simulator, is making its way back to the personal computer with a little something special in tow. The game, which was originally released as a free download for PCs, made its Xbox 360 debut last year as a remake with lots of added bells and whistles. That upgraded […]

  • Shadowrun Returns

    Shadowrun Returns Again

    In this week’s releases, a beloved cyberpunk game gets back to its roots, and Charles Grodin comes clean about his past.

  • John Teti and Drew Toal

    Games Of June 2013: The Last Of Us

    We dig into the patient, heartfelt The Last Of Us and play Tweet That Treat!

  • Bridgy Jones

    Bridge Eraser

    Bridgy Jones turns life-or-death engineering into a trail-and-error affair.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars II teaser

    Scum And Villainy

    Angry Birds and Star Wars move on to the prequels, Firefly finally gets a video game, EA loses the NCAA in NCAA Football, and more.

  • Sound Shapes

    Turn Me Right Round

    How Sound Shapes’ virtual turntable bridges the gap between pop music new and old

  • A Comment Cat Chooses, A Keyboard Genius Obeys

    Highlights from the week’s comment threads.

  • The Last Of Us

    Here’s the lineup for next week’s edition of The Digest

    We’re almost ready to unleash the next edition of The Digest, our monthly chat-’n’-chew talk show. Here’s the lineup, so you can play along. First off, Drew Toal and John Teti will tear into The Last Of Us (pictured above), the very serious zombie apocalypse game from Naughty Dog, developers of the Uncharted series. Next, […]

  • Onomastica

    Word Up

    Onomastica sends you on a literal-minded journey.

  • Darl Ferm, musician

    The Speedy Ortiz bassist handles a glitched-out Final Fantasy VII soundtrack.

  • Firefly

    Fox announces official Firefly video game (hooray)—from the maker of Dairy Queen Tycoon (uh…)

    Where’s Firefly? On your smartphones and tablets starting in summer 2014, apparently. Today, Fox Digital Entertainment announced at San Diego Comic-Con that an official Firefly “multi-user, social online role-playing game,” appropriately titled Firefly Online, will be coming to Android and iOS devices next year. It’s being made by QMx Interactive, developer of the Super 8 […]

  • The King Of Bees In Fantasy Land

    The Bee’s Knees

    King Of Bees In Fantasy Land dresses its silliness in classy interactive fiction.