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Vision Quest

In Colourblind, the eyes have each other.

By Drew Toal • July 8, 2013

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They say love is blind, but is it color blind? The answer lies within this delightful little platform adventure, in which you control a disembodied right eye whose companion was kidnapped by “the dusty pirate clouds from industrial landscapes.” To get old Lefty back, Right Eye must lather itself in different colors found on paintbrushes throughout the game. A red brush, for instance, will let him jump on red blocks, and a green brush might let him collect green coins. Miss swiping the correct brush, and you might fall through suddenly insubstantial blocks and plummet to your doom, or pierce your retina on some spikes.

It’s a simple formula, but the artwork and music are terrific, and that little eyeball is just trying so hard to rescue its other half that I can’t help but become invested in its mission. And its mission is surprisingly lengthy, all things considered. Now, the question of what a cloud would want with an innocent left eye is certainly up for debate. But negotiating with cumulonimbus terrorists is not.

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7 Responses to “Vision Quest”

  1. SamPlays says:

    “They say love is blind, but is it color blind?” Sidney Poitier says yes but only after some stern glares and choice words. 

  2. Spacemonkey Mafia says:

    Oh thank god!  I’ve been waiting all day to say this:

       This looks neat.

  3. NakedSnake says:


    • NakedSnake says:

       Also, I just wanted to note that I clicked on a banner ad for the I think the first time ever on this site. It was the black and white stripped one with what looked like a commodore era trapezoid spaceship on it. It was an ad for shoes. Volcom shoes. Curious about the advertising approach, I clicked on the featured video, which immediately turned into some kind of mostly black and white discordant music video that seemed to be cribbing heavily from Bad Religion’s Atomic Garden video. More banner ads like this please.

  4. Annabelle says:

    Ugh, the game doesn’t load if you have Ad-Block Plus enabled. That’s horrible.

  5. ly_yng says:

    “What a cloud would want with an innocent left eye”

    Maybe it’s a prequel to the Kirby series?