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Singer lends silky smooth voice to Animal Crossing’s least silky ditties

By Matt Gerardi • July 9, 2013

As an unashamed exotic beetle farmer (in Animal Crossing: New Leaf) I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Kapp’n, the ferryturtle who brings you from your village to the game’s small tropical island, on many occasions. I love the guy—his charming, rustic songs of life on the sea and his weird piratical accent—but sometimes I just want to get to the island and catch some big-money beetles. So I force him to skip his song, and he’s not happy about it. It makes me feel terrible each and every time, but sometimes it just has to be done. Now, if Kapp’n had the voice of YouTuber Randell Milan, I don’t think I’d ever skip his songs.

Milan, a musician with a silky smooth set of pipes, says he’s obsessing over Animal Crossing: New Leaf and has gone ahead and covered two of Kapp’n’s tunes. I love these. He captures the spirit of these silly, quaint songs while bringing some serious vocal skills into the mix. I’m surprised the sped-up English gibberish spoken by all of Animal Crossing’s natives translates to full-on English so well. And I can’t help but crack up every time Milan reaches the weird little interludes in each song where Kapp’n stops to say something to the player. (“This might sound strange, but you look like one of them movie stars.”) All the while, the songs retain their vaguely tropical sound. Not bad for repurposed gibberish! [via Polygon]

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5 Responses to “Singer lends silky smooth voice to Animal Crossing’s least silky ditties”

  1. Uncle Roundy says:

    Oh man, this is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

    I hope he does the one about farting.

  2. Chalkdust says:

    Green turtle?  Oh no!  By localizing Kapp’n as such, they’ve obfuscated his true identity and put all Animal Crossing villagers in danger!  He is actually a kappa, a mythological Japanese river imp who engages in all manner of mischief, ranging from benign to deadly.  At the very least, by skipping past his songs, you may be angering him, so keep your shirikodama covered, lest he try and steal it through, uh, unpleasant means.

  3. WixosTrix says:

    I haven’t seen Kapp’n since the first Animal Crossing. I hope he’s doing well.

  4. fieldafar says:

    Playing New Leaf, I kept on wondering whether someone has actually sung Kappa’s lyrics to the song. Now that I found this, I wonder no more. Thank you Internet (and Gameological)