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  • A slime appears! cap

    Slang In Action

    Highlights from the week’s comment threads.

  • Hero Quest

    How The Quest Was Won

    Things are not as they appear in Hero Quest.

  • William Watterson, actor

    William Watterson, actor

    The star of Lost Planet 3 has invented a more peaceful version of the Atari 2600 game River Raid.

  • Flip Flop

    Free Falling

    The only way to navigate FlipFlop’s dizzying mazes is to defy gravity.

  • Game That Tune: WarioWare Twisted! / WarioWare Touched!

    The Slice Is Right

    A pizza rivalry produces one catchy song forĀ WarioWare.

  • Divekick

    Drama Club

    Every move counts in the two-button fighting game Divekick.

  • Potent Quotables

    What video game quotes do you slip into conversation?

  • Dream Weaver

    Discoverie captures the best and worst parts of a recurring dream.

  • Nintendo 2DS

    The Nintendo 2DS will be another game thing you can buy

    Nintendo announced the Nintendo 2DS today, causing thousands of websites to report on it with the preface, “This is not a joke.” Such a disclaimer is unnecessary since anybody who is familiar with Nintendo’s sense of humor knows that they prefer to get their laffs by terrifying small children. Slated for release on Oct. 12, […]

  • Experiment 12

    Chain Gang

    Twelve designers played a game of development telephone, and the result is Experiment 12.

  • Gencon playtest

    Testing, Testing

    Game designers flock to the Gen Con convention to show off their latest works-in-progress. We put 12 of them through their paces.

  • Dupe Troop

    Leave Me A Clone provides a backstory for the 1-up.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows

    Girdle Power

    In this week’s new releases, Madden turns 25 and the Ninja Turtles cope with the ravages of age.