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  • Freedom Of Spell

    Best Worst Game

    Freedom Of Spell is a mess, but it’s an earnest mess.

  • Saints Row IV

    It’s Funny Because It’s True

    Saints Row IV is an honest dealer of utter nonsense.

  • PlayStation 4

    The PlayStation 4 will be available on Nov. 15

    The PlayStation 4 will be released on Nov. 15 in North America and Nov. 29 in Europe, Sony announced today at its press briefing at the German games expo GamesCom. And, just as a reminder, it’ll run you $400—something we learned at this year’s E3. There’s not much other news to gather from Sony’s showing. […]

  • Let's Go Jaywalking

    Playing In Traffic

    Let’s Go Jaywalking affirms the plight of video game pedestrians.

  • Disney Infinity

    Toy Story

    In this week’s new releases, Disney finds a new way to sell merchandise, and the president discovers there is no spoon.

  • Tetris World Record

    Footage of the new Tetris world record is 20 seconds of beautiful inhuman precision

    A new Tetris world record has been set, and as the recording of the performance (seen above) shows, that title is now in the hands of some sort of space-age Tetris robot that acts only on cold, hard, instantly computed facts. Or if this mental_floss article by Chris Higgins is to be believed, a Japanese […]

  • Panzer Dragoon Saga

    Riding With The Ghost

    The ending of Panzer Dragoon Saga indirectly explains one of Christianity’s most vexing concepts.

  • Graphics are pretty

    Confirmed: Games on the PlayStation 4 will be mostly prettier than games on the original PlayStation

    The good people at the PlayStation Access computer television channel are looking forward to the release of the PlayStation 4, so they put together a video chronicling the history of PlayStation graphics across all four generations of the PlayStation line. While this narrative controverts Sony’s official position that the release of the PS4 will mark […]

  • rymdkapsel

    Box Populi

    rymdkapsel asks you to inject humanity into basic shapes.

  • Call Of Duty: Ghosts

    Girl (Fire)Power

    Call Of Duty gets female soldiers and Microsoft changes another thing you didn’t like about the Xbox One.

  • Collect Them All

    The owner of the world’s largest video game memorabilia collection opens up about his nostalgia-driven quest to acquire gaming’s elusive trinkets.

  • Angry Birds Style

    Pardon The Interruption

    Highlights from the week’s comment threads.

  • Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing

    Disturbing Dictation

    Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing exposes edutainment’s seamy underbelly.