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  • Saints Row IV

    From Within

    Gameological staffers share their weekend gaming plans.

  • Japanese Commercial

    Twenty hours of Japanese video game commercials collected in one YouTube channel

    Growing up outside of Chicago, one of my favorite places in the city was The Museum Of Broadcast Communications. They’ve got an extensive collection of old commercials—I’m talking black-and-white Alka Seltzer ad old—that you can watch in little viewing cubicles. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area, but if you’re not, there’s […]

  • Dustforce

    Clean Sweep

    Dustforce’s chill tunes make the perfect soundtrack to summertime chores.

  • Spin The Bottle: Bumpie's Party

    Absurd With Friends

    Spin The Bottle: Bumpie’s Party brings close friends way closer.

  • Sonic Gangnam Style

    The best and the worst video game-themed “Gangnam Style” parodies on YouTube

    The other day, my brain played a dirty trick on me. I was reading over my Sawbuck review of The Ruins Of Machi Itcza, specifically the phrase “Pac-Man-style.” For reasons clear only to the part of my brain that I hate, when I reread it for the tenth time, I shouted out, “Oppan Pac-Man Style!” […]

  • The Ruins Of Machi Itcza

    Exponential Crisis

    Collecting keys has never been as daunting as in The Ruins Of Machi Itcza.

  • Beer And Board Games

    Chutes And Lagers

    The creators of Chad Vader discuss their alcohol-fueled improv show, Beer And Board Games.

  • Black Lodge 2600

    Let’s Rock!

    Black Lodge 2600 fits Twin Peaks’ creepy imagery into an Atari game.

  • Payday 2

    Brotherly Love

    In this week’s releases, heists get pulled and two pairs of famous brothers go on a pair of (unrelated) adventures.

  • Born To Serve

    Mario & Luigi: Dream Team reveals that even in his fantasies, Luigi only exists to make his brother look good.

  • Pizza


    Nintendo has an announcement for Luigi lovers and the Xbox One secret Microsoft won’t talk about.

  • The Gameological button

    Gameological is taking it easy this week

    Hey, Gameological readers, it’s John Teti, the editor of this here webpage site. I’m out on vacation this week—my first since the site launch last spring, which is crazy—so Gameological will be publishing on a reduced schedule. Our assistant editor, Matt Gerardi, will be holding down the fort, so aside from fewer posts going up, […]

  • Pikmin 3

    Let’s Get Dirty

    Nintendo revisits its grimy roots in the lively Pikmin 3.