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Zero-Sum Gamescom

The PlayStation 4 gets a release date, the Xbox One gets Peggle 2, and you get the ability to return digital games (on Origin).

By Sam Barsanti • August 26, 2013

The Bulletin is a roundup of a few game-related news stories from the previous week.

Microsoft at Gamescom: Release date, schmelease schmate

Say what you will about the Gameological Bulletin, but it rarely gets things wrong. How rare? Well, I think this is the first time. In early July—when Microsoft first announced its plan to hold a presentation at Germany’s Gamescom convention—I figured it would treat the event as a do-over for its lackluster showing at E3 by parading out all of the good things the Xbox One can do. At the very least, I figured Microsoft would announce a release date for the thing. In my defense, I was trying to predict something Microsoft would do, which we should all know by now is a fool’s errand. It turns out that Microsoft’s actual strategy was to show off a few new titles and promise a free copy of FIFA 14 to Europeans who pre-order the Xbox One. The two most notable of those new Xbox One games are Fighter Within, a Kinect-powered fighting game, and Fable Legends, a new entry in the Fable series of cheeky role-playing games. The Fable Legends announcement trailer, embedded above, shows off that the game will allow you to play as a villain. Kotaku reports that you can command monsters and set traps for the good guys to face.

Although Microsoft wasn’t ready to announce the Xbox One’s release date (probably because it knows Sony would do whatever it could to release the PlayStation 4 a week earlier), it did reveal the full list of games that will be available at the system’s launch. The list, which you can read at the Xbox One’s official site, isn’t too surprising, but one item on it is. Not only will the highly anticipated puzzle sequel Peggle 2 be out on the Xbox One on whatever day it becomes available, Joystiq is reporting that it and the 2014 Plants Vs. Zombies shooter, Garden Warfare, will be coming to the Xbone before any other platform. What we don’t know is how long it will be before those games make their way to other systems.

Sony at Gamescom: Anything you can do, I can do…also
Everybody's Gone To The Rapture

Ever since E3, Sony has been approaching this new console showdown with swagger. So far, all it has had to do is sit back and watch as Microsoft made the PlayStation 4 look better and better. When it’s not letting Microsoft trip over its own feet, Sony is taking cheap shots at its competitor with things like this goofy video and its Gamescom announcements. In addition to unveiling new PS4 titles like Rime and Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, Sony announced that both Minecraft and Fez will be coming to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita. According to Joystiq, the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft will be available at launch, but the various versions of Fez don’t have any release dates yet (which is also comes via Joystiq). Just to be safe, Sony fans should probably be nice to Phil Fish.

Speaking of the PlayStation 4 launch, it’s happening on November 15. Who wants to bet Microsoft is scrambling to get the Xbox One on shelves before that?

EA breaks the space-time continuum, allows digital games to be returned

For centuries, humans have understood that the drawback to the convenience of digital media is the inability to resell it. When you buy a copy of Gone Home on Steam, you can’t return it when you realize it doesn’t have an online deathmatch mode, because your copy of the game doesn’t actually exist. Now, Origin, Electronic Arts’ digital game store, has found a way around this limitation through a clever system it calls “Asking For A Refund.” All right, the system is actually called The Origin Great Game Guarantee, but that’s just marketing-speak. Here’s how it works: If you decide you don’t like a game bought on Origin within 24 hours of first playing it, you can go to your order history and request a refund. Unless EA doesn’t buy your excuse, you’ll get your money back and—I assume—lose access to the game. Who knew such advanced technology would be available in our lifetimes? Not bad for the worst company in America.

Expansions for everybody! Everybody who plays XCOM and Diablo III, that is.

It seems the term “expansion pack” has fallen out of style when talking about post-release add-ons for games. These days, everything just gets called “downloadable content.” [On Gameological, we still call them “expansions.” Much less sterile. —Ed.] An expansion pack seems like a more exciting prospect since any little thing could be considered DLC. I get the impression that game developers are reluctant to throw the term around—but not this week. The news broke that two popular games will be getting downloadable expansion packs soon—XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Diablo III.

The XCOM add-on, titled Enemy Within, will, as reported by Polygon, add new maps, a new mech-suited soldier, and some element of integrating alien technology directly into your squad members’ bodies. The announcement trailer—embedded above—tells us almost nothing beyond that, but Enemy Within will be coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on November 12.

As for Diablo III, its expansion is called Reaper Of Souls. According to IGN, it will be “dark and terrifying” and will add a new chapter to the story in which Team Diablo must defeat a fallen Archangel named Malthael by clicking on him over and over again. Reaper Of Souls will also add a new playable class called “the Crusader,” described as a “walking tank,” and will increase the level cap as well as introduce new abilities for the existing classes. It all sounds pretty dark and terrifying to me, and you can see its slick opening scene below.

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103 Responses to “Zero-Sum Gamescom”

  1. Spacemonkey Mafia says:

    At the end of the Reaper of Souls trailer, you can see Malthael extracting all the hero’s memories of the botched Diablo III launch and lackluster reception.  He’ll place them in the Pensieve so the hero can go forth unburdened and enjoy the expansion.

  2. HobbesMkii says:

    Does the shadowy XCOM mission guy’s voice seem extra-gravely to anyone else in that trailer?

  3. Fluka says:

    FINE, The Chinese Room.  *Don’t* put Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture on PC.  It’s not like I loved Dear Esther or anything, or really wanted to play your game in the first place, you PC gaming traitors.  Hmph!

    *Stomps her foot!  Crosses arms and sticks chin in air.  Sheds a tiny tear.*

    In all seriousness, I’m divided on that game apparently not coming out on PC for the foreseeable future.  On the one hand, I can understand why they took a lot of money from Sony to go on PS4, and I wish the game success, since it sounds lovely and I like to see good indie games succeed.  On the other hand, I kind of want it to fail, since I feel like this kind of exclusivity both hurts the consumer and holds back gaming as an art form (“Sorry you can’t enjoy this sublime piece of interactive art.  You chose the wrong Big Box!”).  Particularly given that the company has built their name essentially through PC mods.

    On the third hand, I haven’t even got around to playing Antichamber or The Swapper from this year, and I’ve got a job, so *shrug.*

    • SamPlays says:

      It will inevitably make its way to PC. Plus, exclusivity spawns inimitable (read: nonsensical) Internet rage, which promotes sales and loyalty (I love you, PS4!) in addition to fortifying poor consumer choices (Fuck you, PS4!). 

      The real question is, why isn’t @Fluka:disqus choosing the right Big Box to enjoy sublime interactive art? Hayseed.

    • PeterViewedTooMuch says:

      The whole idea behind Rapture sounds absolutely amazing and I love Dear Esther. It’s enough to get me to invest in PS4 (fuck it, I was going to anyways). Although for these types of games, immersion is everything, and I just can’t get as immersed in a console game on my TV as on my PC where I’m sitting upright, leaning into the screen inches from my face. I can’t imagine playing Dear Esther on a couch.

      • Fluka says:

        I do occasionally think about getting one too, but I’m so used to keyboard + mouse + screen right in my face.  Like you say, it’s a lot more intimate and immersive, and really facilitates concentration (see also: strategy games).  Plus if I got a console we’d have to finally buy a TV.  Slippery slope!  Too many games already!  *Twitches.*

        • PeterViewedTooMuch says:

          Slippery slope indeed, but thanks to advents in USB technology the PS4 should be able to handle all your keyboard (and I think mouse) needs!

        • Fluka says:

          @PeterViewedTooMuch:disqus Doooon’t teeeelll meee thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss! 

    • Fyodor Douchetoevsky says:

      Yeah, all these Sony announcements about indie games they’re getting are really weird. On the one hand, heck yeah, these games look fucking awesome! But also the exclusivity is really gosh darned stupid. I won’t buy a PS4 or xbone ever, I really don’t care about them, but if it ends up being like how the 360 kept games from coming out for PC until x months after they were released, that’ll be a pretty big bummer.

  4. His_Space_Holiness says:

    I understand that adding a word like “Legends” has been a go-to meaningless sequel title technique for years now, but with Fable it’s amusingly redundant. Will other sequels use other synonyms (okay, they have distinct meanings in academic folklore studies, but c’mon) for Fable? Fable Myths? Fable Yarns? Fable Old Wive’s Tales?

    • Spacemonkey Mafia says:

      I think Fable: Old Wive’s Tales would be both the best possible and most logical conclusion for the franchise. 

    • Fluka says:

      Fable: Legends of Legacy Chronicles of Awakening Unleashed: Revengeance 

      • CyberneticOrganism says:

        :Rising: Requiem: The Saga of Shadows: Tales of the Lost Age: Chapter I: Memories of the Past: Fable

    • PhilWal0 says:

      Do you think this Wive fellow is telling the truth?

      • His_Space_Holiness says:

        I’ll have you know that Old Wive is a respected and valued member of the community! Although his tendency to point out other people’s typographical errors can be aggravating at time.

    • Matthew Burke says:

      I’d like to see other series embrace redundancies like this. Battlefield: Warzone, Hitman: Paid Killer, Dishonored 2: Loss of Respect, Farcry 4: Distant Yell, Need for Speed: Required to Go Fast. All of these would make fantastic games.

      • KingGunblader says:

         Grand Theft Auto VI: Stealing Cars (Although Stealing Cars Will Be The Least of Your Crimes)
        The Elder Scrolls VI: Old, Rolled Up Pieces of Paper
        Saints Row V: Godly Figures in a Line Formation
        Call of Duty: Forced Conscription
        Final Fantasy XVI: The Last Story (oh wait…)

        • EmperorNortonI says:

          Call of Duty : Forced Conscription might make a great Napoleonic-era Man-o-War crew simulator.  Swab the decks!  Roll in and roll out the guns!  Fistfights with the men from a rival gun crew.  Push around the pipsqueak Midshipman without getting flogged.

      • Malkovich Malkovich says:

        The Last of Us: Ultimate

    • Swadian Knight says:

      I eagerly await the JRPG crossover Tales Of Fable: Legends.

    • Merve says:

      And now you can watch the good folks at Rev3Games making fun of video game names for 11 minutes:

    • Effigy_Power says:

      Fable – The unprovable Chronicles of things that happened perhaps but also possibly not in which case they are still Fables just less accurate ones, seriously, don’t hold us to that.

    • Matt Koester says:

      Half Life 3: The amount of time it takes for half of an isotope to decay

    • MathleticDepartment says:

      Fable: Tokyo Drift
      Fable: Electric Boogaloo
      2 Fast 2 Fable

  5. PaganPoet says:

    I have to admit, that Diablo III expansion trailer looks really good. I thought the bald guy was a live actor for a second there.

    • boardgameguy says:

      I feel like computer graphics have become so good that I am getting disenchanted with special effects in movies since they look just like video games to me now. Man of Steel was just like watching video game cut scenes.

      • neodocT says:

        Yeah, I got the same from The Hobbit and Iron Man 3 as well. Actually, I hated The Hobbit, Man of Steel, and everything in Iron Man 3 that wasn’t Tony Stark out of armor, so I’m guessing this is no coincidence.

      • PaganPoet says:

        Kind of makes you miss puppets and stop motion and other old-fashions special effects, doesn’t it?

      • boardgameguy says:

        @PaganPoet:disqus so true. i feel like the original star wars hold up because they used real models on real sets and not just CGI creations. see also, John Carepenter’s THE THING.

      • George_Liquor says:

        I will take a cheap practical effect done in camera over CGI any day of the week. 

  6. The_Helmaroc_King says:

    I still need to finish XCOM: Enemy Unknown, actually; given how long it’s been, I might start over from scratch. Here’s hoping the expansion can be toggled on and off, like the “Second Wave” and “Slingshot” content.

    That’s actually one thing that bugged me when I first played Binding of Isaac; I started with the “Wrath of the Lamb” content, with no way to turn it off. No in-game option, and with Steam there’s no way to uninstall DLC without uninstalling the whole game. I made do, but I would’ve liked to play the game as it originally was before jumping in with the expansion, which I’m told made the game more difficult.

    • Cloks says:

      There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to turn it off and on seeing as it’s launching as a separate title on the PS3 and XBOX360.

    • WarrenPeace says:

      I had the same problem with Binding of Isaac, and somebody recommended this mod, which allows you to turn the Wrath of the Lamb expansion on and off:

      It works perfectly for me, and I’ve definitely found that playing without the expansion makes the game easier. I still haven’t beat it though…

    • JohnnyLongtorso says:

      But don’t you love having “CURSE OF DARKNESS” pop up on every other level?

    • The_Misanthrope says:

       Binding of Isaac Vanilla is like an onion, each layer giving way to successive layers; Binding of Isaac with the extra content is like a slice of onion applied directly to your eyes. 

      The 800-some hours I have logged on the game stands as a testament how much I love that game, but I don’t think I could have done it if I played the full version right away.  Hopefully, BoIL (Binding of Isaac Launcher), the program that @WarrenPeace325:disqus refers to, works for you.

  7. duwease says:

    The Origin return policy sounds like a good idea, until you realize that their tech support isn’t going to respond for *at least* 24 hours, and even then will be a generic “did you update your drivers and reboot” email.

    • Fluka says:

      Actually, looking at the refund page, it sounds like it doesn’t even need to be a technical problem: “If something doesn’t work out—you aren’t riveted by the storyline, or sucked in by the action, or even just if the game doesn’t play well with your video card—we’ve got your back.”  So you can return the game for as simple a reason as “I started it and didn’t like it.”  (Dunno what they’ll do if you actually spent the last 23 hours playing the game…)  

      Still, bug wise, it’s a bit of a gamble on the consumer’s part between “I want to stick this out and see if the game works” vs “This obviously doesn’t work and I’m not going to waste money on it.”

      • Unexpected Dave says:

        Remember the glory days when Electronics Boutique would give you a full refund if you didn’t like the game?

        That’s a solid business model for a retail franchise: offer ludicrously good customer service and bargains until your market share plateaus, and then start abusing your consumer.

        • neodocT says:

           To be fair, I did abuse the EB refund policy several times by buying games I could complete in a short amount of time, then trading them in for a Final Fantasy or something. I am not proud of myself.

        • DrFlimFlam says:

          I remember that the policy involved a receipt. I bought Eternal Darkness on day one and realized within 24 hours that the game was not for me. I scrambled for the receipt and could not find it to save my life. So I had to trudge over to the store and accept $24 in store credit instead of swapping it out for another game.

          When I moved out of my grandmother’s home two months later for the flat corn fields of Iowa, I found the receipt sitting on the outside of the window sill, having been held in place and hidden because I usually opened the top windows only.

          It still annoys me.

    • stanthelovebot says:

      “Hello this is Origin customer service, did you try turning it off and on again?” *hangs up*

      • duwease says:

        Replace “hangs up” with “closes issue” and I think you’ve perfectly summed up my limited experience..

    • Merve says:

      Origin customer service tends to be very hit-or-miss. One time, I asked for assistance on fixing a problem with some DLC. The customer service representative told me it couldn’t be fixed. So I tried again. This time, another customer service representative not only fixed the problem for me, but also gave me a $5 off coupon on my next Origin purchase.

  8. Labrat85 says:

    Argh, a different map mode and a mech suit sounds more like DLC stuff. Gief Terror from the deep, give me a full campaign of XCOM vs Lovecraftian horrors

  9. Effigy_Power says:

    As ever the Fable-trailer looks so wonderfully enchanting and amusing that I can’t help but be excited for it, especially now that Molyneux is out and mere mortals can have a go at making a game without overblown rhetoric in the “features” department.
    Someone please tell me it won’t be a XBone Exclusive… Otherwise it will be the first Fable game I didn’t play and it would make me sad.

    • SamPlays says:

      I look forward to enjoying properly blown rhetoric. And I must have missed the bulletin that Molyneux came out. You got Grammer’d.

    • Effigy_Power says:

      “an Xbox One exclusive set during the ‘Age of Heroes'”
      Oh, well. Tough shit. I mean, this is one of the few compulsory games I’d buy and even that doesn’t make me want a XBone, so the ball is way dropped.

  10. Mike P says:

    Um, I have entrusted my wife and her family to buy me the PS4 for Xmas and my bday (yes, I will be 28 in January). They are the best-they bought me a nice beer brewing kit one year too. 

    I want Rapture.
    I have no idea what else I want with the PS4 though.

    • SamPlays says:

      This is hilarious.

      • Mike P says:

        I really still treat Xmas like a 5 year old, and I don’t care. Its from years of getting re-gifted shit for my bday. I am making up for it now baby! Hahah, my VP at work looked at me so perplexed (we drink and golf often) and goes, why don’t you just buy it yourself?

        What are loved ones supposed to buy me then?!?

        • SamPlays says:

          Socks and gift cards.

        • Mike P says:

          I hate gift cards. I don’t even buy them for anyone (except my dad, it forces him to buy new clothes and shoes instead of paying bills with the cash I give him)

        • Effigy_Power says:

          You’re missing out on the mature pleasures of having a bottle of Sherry regifted, my friend.
          (It blows.)

        • Mike P says:

           Hahaha. See! You know how it feels, demanding now in my late 20’s make up for all of it. (Sherry? The only thing that’s good for is cooking, I cannot imagine sipping it, and I was a cook for 10 years)

        • SamPlays says:

          @igetcheated44:disqus Are you saying “booooooooo” or “booooooooo-urns”?
          (For all the mature johnny boys out there, Dec. 25 and a bottle of port go hand in hand.)

        • DrFlimFlam says:

          I love it when my mother in law buys me work clothes so I don’t have to. Gold toe or bust.

    • DrFlimFlam says:

       I’m angling for the possible gold trim Wind Waker WiiU.

      • Mike P says:

         That’s what I’m talking about. I second that motion on work related clothes and materials.

        I got a sweet briefcase last year haha.

    • Unexpected Dave says:

      I’ve never understood this adult obsession with “practical” gifts. Being an adult should mean looking after your own needs. If I need something, I buy it for myself. I don’t sit at home in my bare feet hoping that I’ll get shoes for Christmas.

      But completely pointless gifts are even worse,like candy that I’ll never eat, or gift cards for places I’ll never go. I just end up thinking of all the ways I’d rather spend $20 than on a box of chocolates that look and taste like decorative soaps.

      If you don’t know a gift I’d like, and you don’t want to ask me directly or give me cash, then just give me a hug or make me laugh. Hugs and laughter are free, and they’re awesome.

      • Mike P says:

        Not sure if you are trolling or not, but you can unexpectedly run into traffic.

        A PS4 isn’t really practically for a man who owns his own house, car, and has a baby on the way, but it’s something I like.

        Connecting to sitting bare footed on Christmas is as stupid as your post.

        • Unexpected Dave says:

          I was not at all calling PS4 a “practical” gift. It’s awesome and fun, the perfect gift for all ages.

          I was using your comment as a springboard for a tongue-in-cheek rant.

  11. Matt Koester says:

    The whole “EA is the Worst Company in America” garbage is so ridiculous. We live in a nation with corporations that have plunged the entire economy, used sweatshop warfare and organized coups on poorer nations, and we hate on the guys who make you connect your computer to the internet to play a video game the most. Nerd Entitlement!

    • SamPlays says:

      Mass Effect, Portal, SSX, Burnout… all terrible games from a terrible American company.

      • Fyodor Douchetoevsky says:

        Portal was valve. 


        • SamPlays says:

          EA is the retail distributor for Portal.

        • Fyodor Douchetoevsky says:

          Only for the console versions of The Orange Box. They also apparently did the PS3 port which was poorly received. 

          But yeah, EA is not the devil.

        • SamPlays says:

          Portal 2 was extremely well received across all major platforms. But you’re right about Orange Box – it didn’t do so well on PS3 mostly due to framerate issues. Plus long load times.

      • Captain_Apathy says:

        Wait, are we hating on Mass Effect now?  Societal approval is like a sine wave and I do so hate it when I fall out of sync.

    • Citric says:

      Luckily EA can breathe a sigh of relief as apparently Ben Affleck as Batman is now the worst thing to happen in the history of America.


    • DrFlimFlam says:

      Not to mention that EA’s cut from the Humble Bundle is straight donation to charity. I think Peter Moore is an archetypal corporate shill, but he nailed it in his statement.

  12. ferrarimanf355 says:

    I’m going against the grain here, but I’m getting an Xbox One (I refuse to call it an Xbone) at launch. Almost nothing on the PS4 gets me pumped. DriveClub looks good, but it’s going tiger slaughtered at retail, especially with Sony releasing Gran Turismo 6 a couple of weeks later, and most of those highly touted indies are either ports of old games everyone played or will come to Steam eventually.

    I’m content with Forza 5 and the new Killer Instinct.

  13. Pgoodso says:

    Man, can I just say how sick and tired I am of Blizzard’s obsession with corruption and betrayal as a plot device? Every single game or expansion they’ve done since Starcraft (sans maybe D2:Lord of Destruction) has to do with a former protagonist character falling to the dark side or falling from grace, generally because they are incongruously power hungry or possessed against their former will. It’s like they think the only way they can continue a story is if a character they already know (or introduce at the beginning of that game) just up and goes crazy.

    You know what? I think I’m about to go bad and just list all the times people corrupt or betray the protagonists in Blizzard games (MAJOR SPOILERS FOR ALL BLIZZARD GAMES AND EXPANSIONS FROM 1998 TO PRESENT)



    Starcraft: Both Mengsk and Kerrigan up and go bad because power and zerging
    Diablo II: All 3 protagonists from Diablo up and go bad because power and demons
    Starcraft Brood War: Kerrigan pretends to go good so she can up and go bad because power and zerging
    D2:LOD: Baal was already bad, it’s his thing, but he did manage to corrupt Nihlathak. He was a jerk anyways, so, maybe let this one pass.
    Warcraft 3: Introduces Arthas and Illidan. They, along with Grom Hellscream and Sylvanas Windrunner from Warcraft 2, up and go bad because power and demons
    Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne: Introduces Prince Kael’thas. We will later see he up and goes bad. Admiral Proudmoore up and goes bad, too, though that might have just been latent racism. Power and demons.
    World of Warcraft: Actually nothing too bad, other than continuations of storylines from Warcraft 3, until…
    Burning Crusade: Illidan and Prince Kael’thas go REALLY bad because power and demons
    Wrath of the Lich King: Arthas continues being bad, Varimathras goes bad, all the faux-Norse gods go bad, Malygos goes bad, cause demons and Cthulhu.
    Starcraft 2: Tychus is introduced and, you guessed it, goes bad. Depending on your choices, either Ariel Hanson or Tosh can go bad. Money, zerging and/or plot contrivance.
    Cataclysm: Bloodwing, who went bad back in the day, emerges. Nozdormu in the future goes bad and comes back in time to do bad. Power and Cthulhu.
    Diablo III: Introduces us to Leah. She goes bad because of her mom Adria from Diablo I, who we are told went bad a long time ago, why not.
    Mists of Pandaria: Garrosh Hellscream up and goes bad because this is silly.
    Heart of the Swarm: The Xel’naga, hinted at as having gone bad as far back as Starcraft: Brood War, finally publicly go bad.

    And here we are at the expansion of Diablo III, where an angel conspicuously missing from the heavenly host in the main game of D3 GUESS WHAT, comes back and bakes everyone cookies, OOPS, no, he up and goes bad. From here on in, just assume that, if the character is displayed in a trailer, they have gone bad, and/or will go bad.

    Prediction: Tyrael, the Amazon, and/or the Paladin will go bad too in this expansion.

    Ultra-Prediction: At some point, either Judas Iscariot himself or a hardcover version of the book Paradise Lost signed by Benedict Arnold will feature as the final boss for all 3 franchises.

    PS: As a note, it should be obvious that I still played the hell out of all these games. I just wish Blizzard could bring the same vitality and technical prowess they bring to game mechanics and cinematics to their writing.

    • Destroy Him My Robots says:

      I have no idea when they introduced that piece of background information, but I’m pretty sure Warcraft orcs are an entire race that’s gone bad because of demons.

      Having said that… does anyone else think that The Timeless Isle sounds pretty cool?

      • Pgoodso says:

        That is true, the original invasion of Azeroth by the orcs was because of the intervention of demons. They get redeemed by Thrall in the canceled Warcraft Adventures game that was supposed to take place between  Warcraft II and III. Then, again, as I said, Grom Hellscream falls under the demons’ sway again before sacrificing himself to kill Mannoroth, the demon who originally enslaved the orcs.

      • Pgoodso says:

         Also, just realized I called Deathwing Bloodwing because I’ve been playing Borderlands, hehe.

      • Brainstrain says:

        Yes, I do think the Timeless Isle looks pretty cool. And that raid thing too :P

    • LoganRanAway says:

      To be fair, Nozdormu was alluded to be bad in BC. And no one ever liked Garrosh, come on, no one liked him, ever. So they might just be grabbing low hanging fruit (at this point it’s on the ground and covered in mold) to kill off someone. At least Kael and Illidan goes up and bad because they’re trying to do it for a good reason. But I feel that Arthus was made up to be just bad with the introduction of his novel, which points him as being just a jerk, rather being in the pool of corruption.