Papers, Please

Here’s the lineup for next week’s edition of The Digest

By Matt Gerardi • September 13, 2013

Hey there, Gameologiables. Next week is Digest week, so it’s time to fill you in on which games from August 2013 we’ll be dissecting on our monthly chat and chew review show. The second and third games are pretty short, and if you wanted to bring your own experiences to the table, I’d recommend checking them out this weekend.

On Monday, Drew Toal and John Teti will break into Saints Row IV, the latest entry in the increasingly satirical and insane series of crime games.

On Tuesday, Derrick Sanskrit tags along as we take a trip through the dark, spooky, teenage angst-filled halls of Gone Home, a mid-’90s period piece about feelings and the world’s least secretive family.

And on Wednesday, Teti and I, Matt Gerardi, will be talking about Papers, Please, the game where you run the border crossing of a Soviet-like nation and the points don’t matter.

Oh, and because someone asked about it last time (that someone being commenter MathleticDepartment), the theme of our snacks this time out is “back to school.” We’ll be chomping down on Lunchables®, Smuckers Uncrustables®, and that squeezable apple sauce stuff. Yum!

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18 Responses to “Here’s the lineup for next week’s edition of The Digest”

  1. Uncrustables?  Is that like a circle of bread with no discernible outer-rim?

  2. missmoxie says:

    Those crustables look disgusting!!! I can’t wait to hear what the experts think!

    • Mistah Chrysoprase says:

      Really, disgusting? Gimmicky, sure, overpriced, bland, thoroughly artificial and completely unnecessary, they are all these things and maybe more, but they don’t have enough personality to qualify as disgusting.

  3. boardgameguy says:

    Since I seem to play games that are too old for the Digest, I’ll just go back and watch the Fez video once I’ve had a chance to dig in.

  4. caspiancomic says:

    Ha! My butties and I had a mock “back to school snack” session not long ago. Lunchables pizzas, fruit cups, and one of those pouches of juice each. Not as good as I remember them being.

    • Aurora Boreanaz says:

      Is “butties” a thing?  I’ve seen it multiple times this week, and it’s weird to me.  I spell it “buddies”, AKA “buddy, best bud”, etc.

      • Merve says:

        According to Urban Dictionary, “butty” is either UK slang for a kind of sandwich, or Welsh slang for “friend.”

      • caspiancomic says:

         It’s something I picked up from Drippy of Ni No Kuni, who speaks with a thick Welsh accent. It’s the second time a game has permanently altered how I spell a word, with Disgaea’s Prinnies giving me the word “dood.” I guess I’m just suggestible like that.

  5. The_Misanthrope says:

    Yes, Papers, Please!  I just started playing it a week ago and I love it.  I’m extremely close to unlocking Endless Mode (I think, unless I screwed it up earlier in the game).  I am really digging how the gameplay mechanics really reinforce the story and themes. 

  6. Effigy_Power says:

    I am just gonna stop promising a Digest Comic. I’ll play it by ear.

  7. MathleticDepartment says:

    Last time visited my uncle he had an entire freezer full of uncrustables. I may never go back.

  8. Muscle-Horse says:

    Describing the Saint’s Row series as crime games at this point is like describing the Grand Theft Auto series as top down arcade driving games.

    PS: Thoroughly enjoyed 4 – some genuine laugh out loud moments from the surprisingly witty script, as well. No one spoil the reveal of the narrator!