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Sony shares a goofy alternate take on the ending of The Last Of Us

By Matt Gerardi • September 26, 2013

The Last Of Us is pretty bleak. Except for a few moments of comedic relief from Ellie, the spunky teen girl at the heart of its story, it’s constantly bearing down on players with either grave danger or depressing revelations. It’s nice to see that things weren’t so serious behind the scenes, though.

Today, Sony released a video that Naughty Dog, the game’s developer, shared at its recent Penny Arcade Expo panel. It shows a prank pulled on the game’s star, Troy Baker, that leads to a charming, silly alternate take on the game’s violent ending. Baker has become the video game acting world’s latest “it” guy—he also starred in BioShock Infinite and played The Joker in the next Batman game—but who knew he had these kind of chops? It still shows off a big chunk of the ending, so if you haven’t finished The Last Of Us and you’re sensitive about this sort of thing, you might want to skip it.

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10 Responses to “Sony shares a goofy alternate take on the ending of The Last Of Us

  1. PaganPoet says:

    Troy Baker is the reason I have an inappropriate crush on Kanji from Persona 4.

    I just spoiled The Last of Us, but this was worth it.

    • rvb1023 says:

       I have never had the inclination to watch Q&A sessions from anime conventions on youtube until I found out how absolutely charming Troy Baker is. He just seems like a really good dude to hang around.

      It’s been a good year for him, too.

    • Sarah Bauer says:

      I have an inappropriate crush on Troy Baker. <3 Because of all of his fantastic roles.

  2. Aurora Boreanaz says:

    This reminds me of Mister Rogers’ “operas”.  I loved the guy, and his show is great, but the operas were pretty horrible.  “Let’s just take the typical story we’d be showing this week, and SIIIING all of the lines INSTEEEEEAD!”

    • Mercenary_Security_number_4 says:

       I loved the operas.  Got me interested in musicals at a young age, which were really important to me growing up.    I can’t speak to their actual musical quality though, since I don’t think I’ve actually seen once since I was 7 (and don’t link me to one!  I want to remember them as I perceived them to be!)

  3. Naked Man Holding A Fudgesicle says:

    “He can talk, he can talk, he can talk, he can talk, he can talk, he can talk, he can talk….”


    This video was like a trip to the fireworks factory. It has a set up that drags on and on (over explain much, hobo man?), is gate-crashed by someone who thinks they’re much more awesome than they actually are, then we never end up getting to the promised fireworks factory.

    Bad dog, Naughty Dog, bad dog.

  4. JokersNuts says:

    The game should have been more like this and I would have played it! Hysterical

  5. Brainstrain says:

    Troy Baker also voiced Logan Thackeray in Guild Wars 2. He is a sexy, sexy man.

  6. yuette85 says:

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