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Duke Dashington

A Dashing Gentleman

Duke Dashington speeds to his treasure in more ways than one.

By Danny Gallagher • September 17, 2013

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Real archaeology isn’t nearly as exciting as movies and TV shows make it out to be. Ever since Raiders Of The Lost Ark, these nerdy relic hunters have been transformed into hunky thrill seekers who risk their lives to rescue some ancient paperweight in the name of historical preservation. The gap between real and fictional archaeologists in video games is even worse. The archaeologists seem to have unexplained super powers that can help them defy the laws of time, space, and life and they never use them to obtain more grant funding or mercilessly dust off Ming Dynasty pottery within an inch of its half-life.

Duke Dashington is no exception. He can only move by dashing from one side of the screen to the other, over chasms and rows of deadly spikes as the ancient temple of Nenapmis crumbles around him. The claustrophobic maze puzzles are given a frantic edge by a nasty ticking clock, which gives you only 10 seconds to traverse each room. In its current state, the game—made during the 48-hour Ludum Dare game jam—runs out of levels just as the action clicks. However, the designer says he’s hard at work on creating more puzzles and levels so the game itself doesn’t become another forgotten relic.

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5 Responses to “A Dashing Gentleman”

  1. patagonianhorsesnake says:

    i like how he just kind of politely falls atop the spikes, and that’s that. the man is far too dashing and british to do something so uncouth as be jump comically into the air, or be impaled, or similar.

  2. …is it just me or is the sprite basically just Henry Hatsworth tweaked a little?

  3. TreeRol says:

    When I hit left or right while at the apex of my jump, I would actually dash about half the time. The other half I’d fall and start dashing about halfway down. Which would make me miss the platform I was going for. This pretty much rendered the game unplayable.

  4. EmperorSeth says:

    Wow, we got a shit-ton of mileage out of this Ludum Dare, didn’t we? Was last year’s so bountiful?