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Ready To Rock

NXTWPN10 corrects a longstanding flaw in the Asteroids formula.

By Danny Gallagher • September 10, 2013

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Asteroids will always be an arcade favorite for its simple yet challenging design, but it has a gaping story flaw. The aerospace designers who built the spaceship clearly have the technology to achieve deep space travel, blow up giant asteroids, and even break the laws of time by jumping through hyperspace with the flick of a control stick. However, no one thought to put more than one puny gun on the ship for a dangerous mission in Earth’s war against the space rocks.

Graeme Borland’s NXTWPN10 fixes that flub just as a squadron of faceless enemy ships shows up to prevent players from achieving their highest score. NXTWPN10, created during the Ludum Dare three-day game making challenge, lets you use a bunch of different weapons by randomly activating a new one for each mission. They include a “Trident” that shoots three rows of laser blasts, a “Reflector” that can bounce back enemy fire and a “Tron” gun that leaves a deadly laser trail to back your enemies into a corner. The game transforms the simple arcade shooter into a series of fast-paced puzzles, as you must dodge enemy fire and find the most effective way to use and aim your weapons. It doesn’t require a Portal level of lateral thinking, but it does create an Asteroids-inspired shooter with the equipment you need to exact space-rock justice.

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7 Responses to “Ready To Rock”

  1. SamPlays says:

    The biggest flaw of Asteroids was it’s depiction of the universe as a two-dimensional screen.