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Double Secret Probe-ation

In Probe Team, the best you can do is ensure your cute robots don’t die in vain.

By Jason Reich • September 16, 2013

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Creator: Andrew Shouldice
Platform: Browser
Price: Free

Probes have it rough. They’ve spent years being the punchline to jokes about unsavory alien abductions, and now that they’re finally given a chance to shine in Probe Team, some cruel probemaker has given their creations a scant 10 seconds worth of fuel apiece. Not cool.

Another entry in the latest Ludum Dare game competition—the theme this time was “10 seconds”—Probe Team puts you in control of remote control robot eyeballs that must reactivate some kind of dormant mechanism. One by one, each probe struggles valiantly against the oppression of its tiny fuel tank, straining with its final thrust to catch a glimpse of what’s around the next corner. Eventually, with its go-juice depleted, it rolls its lone eye skyward and chirrups its final chirrup. In between noble deaths, your faceless probe team leader sends encouragement via chipper text messages. (“Ten seconds of fuel is just enough when we work together!”) But the time for mourning is short. There is another probe ready to take its place. There is always another probe.

For a game slapped together in 48 hours, Probe Team is impressive. It’s fun to watch your map expand after each round of exploration, and the fuzzy, monochrome vibe suggests a transmission from a distant craft, long thought dead. Unearthing the secrets of these abandoned passageways won’t take long. It’s just up to you how many probes have to die for it.

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  2. X says:

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