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  • The Wonderful 101

    Games Of September 2013: The Wonderful 101


  • Pikachu

    Video of new Pokémon game hints at freaky Pikachu motion capture

    The CEO of The Pokémon Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara, had previously let it slip that the organization will focus on series mascot Pikachu and a boy who, according to a Siliconera report on the statement, uses “playfulness” as a weapon. That last part’s a little weird, but okay, no real surprises there. Today, however, the folks […]

  • The Digest: Grand Theft Auto V

    Games Of September 2013: Grand Theft Auto V

    It’s grand until it’s not, and then it is again.

  • Super Mario RPG

    Hate Squad Monopoly

    Highlights from the week’s comment threads.

  • Inspector Blindson

    Fallout Boy

    Inspector Blindson reveals the hidden dangers of nuclear energy.

  • Ron Funches

    Ron Funches, comedian

    The stand-up explains why the new Pokémon reminds him of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

  • Signum Project

    Starred And Feathered

    Signum Project turns constellations into puzzles, but it reaches for the stars too quickly.

  • Desmond Miles

    The Heroes We Don’t Deserve

    Is there a video game hero you can’t stand?

  • Weird dice

    We now know more about those mystery dice from last month than anybody ever needed to know

    Time to follow up on some unfinished business. Last month, after finding some strange dice at an odds-and-ends store in Chicago, I invited Gameological readers to figure out what the heck they were. The only evidence they had was two pictures of the dice, yet at the end of an afternoon of exciting detective work—everybody […]

  • Clicking Bad

    Here, get pointlessly addicted to this empire-building browser game based on Breaking Bad

    A couple of weeks ago, Steve Heisler reviewed Cookie Clicker—a game in which you ramp up large-scale production of cookies by clicking on things—and compared its empire-building dynamic to Walter White’s rise to greatness in Breaking Bad. Indeed, the show’s narrative thread of ruthless, exponential growth is a good fit for these “clicky-click and watch […]

  • Cake Monsters

    Let Them Eat Cake

    The puzzle game Cake Monsters gets the most out its modest trappings.

  • The Wolf Among Us: Episode One

    Grimm Fandango

    The Wolf Among Us picks up where the design of Telltale’s The Walking Dead left off.

  • Giving Up The Ghost

    The Friendlies lets you possess the bodies of your enemies in a cute way.