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  • Laura Green

    Laura Green, musician

    Laura Green shares the secrets of a professional Power Glove player.

  • Jaws: The Text Adventure

    Hunger Games

    In Jaws: The Text Adventure, everyone’s least favorite Great White tells its side of the story.

  • Game That Tune: Bloody Tears, Castlevania series

    All You Need Is Blood

    A signature Castlevania track invites you to shake your booty while you vanquish evil.

  • Why Can’t We Be Friends?

    What creatures do you wish you didn’t have to fight?

  • Hover

    Microsoft takes us back to the multimedia era with a browser version of the Windows 95 pack-in game Hover!

    Here’s what you’ve got to understand about working with computers in 1995: All we wanted was “multimedia.” Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that all we were supposed to want was “multimedia.” Every television commercial, tech magazine columnist, and Compaq PC brochure told us that the new capabilities of multimedia functionality paradigms […]

  • Comment Cat

    PugsMalone exposes us to crazy Japanese Cookie Clicker fan art

    COMMENT CAT SEZ: “I’m no fan of dogs, but I love this crazy Japanese Cookie Clicker fan art PugsMalone linked us to.”

  • Chips Ahoy

    Cookie Clicker sits you atop a throne of your own decadence.

  • Pete Strackmeier: Wii U

    Pete Strackmeier’s Living-Room Video-Game University: Get In “Touch” With Your Wii U

    Nintendo’s new device is here to help.

  • Loom Raider

    Strata lets you experience weaving without all the ugly baskets at the end.

  • Super Mario 3D World

    This trailer for the new Mario game is better than most new Mario games

    The undeniable star of this morning’s Nintendo Direct, the awkward monthly-ish internet show from the Big N, was the new trailer for the upcoming Super Mario 3D World. Only time will tell if this promise makes it to the actual game, which will come to the Wii U in November, but this clip has all […]

  • NBA 2K14

    Basketball Jones

    A few games try to keep their head above water in Grand Theft Auto V’s white and turbid wake.

  • Star Wars: Episode I Racer

    Jedi Outcast

    A Star Wars racing game makes the case that The Phantom Menace wasn’t all bad