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Enough Plumbers 2

Plumb And Plumber

Enough Plumbers 2 gives you an army of legally distinct Mario clones.

By Matt Kodner • October 9, 2013

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Not too long ago, there was a video of a custom Super Mario level floating around that showed about a thousand Marios racing toward the finish line. The little guys were brought together in post-production, and the visual effect is mesmerizing. A marathon of Marios dash forward, and almost immediately, a fanning trail of less surefooted plumbers sprouts from behind the front-runner. The screen ends up looking like the cascading deck after a successful game of computer Solitaire. It doesn’t last long, but it is thrilling.

Enough Plumbers 2 uses that visual effect and turns its army of Mario-like plumbers into a series of single-screen gauntlets. You start off controlling one copyright-defying not-Mario. The mob comes into play when you grab your first coin. After a slight delay, a clone springs forth from the coin’s place and mimics all the moves of your main man. It doesn’t matter if the original Not-Mario reaches the finish or if it’s a last-second clone. Often, the original guy will go down almost immediately so that a better positioned knock-off can grab a necessary power-up, many of which are introduced and left for you to figure out across the game’s 30 levels. While it never reaches the visual insanity of that classic video, Enough Plumbers 2 demonstrates that having a ton of Marios onscreen is as much fun to play as it is to watch.

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6 Responses to “Plumb And Plumber”

  1. SamPlays says:

    He looks like a schlubby Mega Man. And those aren’t coins, they’re potato chips.

  2. JohnGames says:

    The game is hard and unnecirasoily* so.  Toilet# 9 was excessive warping and having to go through a toilet to get to each toilet is silly.

    *Not a pun or portmanteau, I am just too lazy to check how to spell, instead typing this footnote.
    #Levels are now toilets, this is canon.

  3. TreeRol says:

    Seems like we’re pretty down on this game. I thought it was fun and charming. So there.

  4. 1nkling says:

    games that require arrow keys and not WASD make baby jesus cry