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Here’s 30 minutes of Dragon Age: Inquisition filmed off a screen

By Matt Gerardi • November 12, 2013

Some brave soul pulled out a camera and filmed 30 minutes of a Dragon Age: Inquisition demo at Digiexpo, a games convention in Finland. It turned out surprisingly sharp, given the circumstances, and it’s the best extended look we’ve gotten so far at the game, which is expected to be released next fall.

The biggest difference between Inquisition and the previous games in BioWare’s fantasy series seems to be the way you’ll travel its world. Inquisition takes place in a much larger open world, à la The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, where your characters can move seamlessly from grassy plains to monster-filled caves or villages. Also, if you happen to slaughter all the bad guys in a fort, you’ll take it for yourself and decide what to do with it. The person giving the demo used his newly found resources to cap vents spewing poison gas into a desert valley that had previously been unreachable…because of all the poison gas.

Other than that, it looks a lot like a Dragon Age game. You can control all the characters in your party, and the camera is locked behind the back of whoever you’re inhabiting. When in combat, however, you can stop time and switch to a bird’s eye view of the battlefield to dole out more complex orders to your band of fantasy clichés. My favorite part of the video is when the demoer switches to the overhead camera for the first time and one person let’s out a half-hearted “woo.”

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23 Responses to “Here’s 30 minutes of Dragon Age: Inquisition filmed off a screen”

  1. Roswulf says:


  2. PaganPoet says:

    Somebody get Fluka’s EPI pen ready…

    • Fluka says:

      Fluka already saw this a week ago! But she’s still super-excited about it, nonetheless!

      If this is the same recording I saw, it also has a dude saying “Mages for the win” in an extremely thick Finnish accent, which is delightful.

      • PaganPoet says:

        So, here’s my confession, Fluka: I’ve never played a Dragon Age game. *shields self with notebook from onslaught of spitballs*

        Are they Mass Effect with a fantasy setting? Maybe I should check them out, if so.

        • Fluka says:

          They both are and aren’t like ME? They’re BioWare games through and through, but the combat and alignment systems are rather different. It’s very much a traditional party-based western fantasy RPG, where during combat you can pause stuff, queue up abilities, and take control of any of the characters in your group. There’s no “good vs evil” system, either. DA2 has something vaguely similar, with diplomatic/jerk/wiseass dialogue choices. But mostly, your choices are going to affect the plot, or how your companions feel about you, rather than unlocking some new level of badassitude. Which is nice.

          I’ve never gotten as attached to the Warden or Hawke as Shepard, but I like the companions quite a bit, despite their tendencies to mope and occasionally stab you in the back. The romances are alternately touching and horrifying (aaah Dragon Age Origins sex scenes noooooo), and usually quite inclusive (‘cept for stupid sexy Alistair being straight-only). Plus, the first game lets you be an elf or dwarf, whee. So…I’d say yes, give it a shot, if the above sounds like it might appeal!

        • Drinking_with_Skeletons says:

          They aren’t much at all like ME. If you’ve played Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights 1 or 2 (esp. 2), Planescape Torment, or even Final Fantasy XII or Warhammer 40K Dawn of War 2, you’ll find yourself at home.

          DA2 has an ME-style conversation wheel, but it boils down to tone rather than morality: goody two-shoes, sarcastic, or asshole.

          They are good games, but not amazing. I would personally recommend Neverwinter Nights 2 over Dragon Age, especially since you can get it on GOG for cheap and without DRM and with really good manuals AND with the soundtrack.

        • Girard says:

          They feel much more….RPG-ey than the Mass Effect games, for better or for worse. Less cinematic, but with more complex and interesting systems.

          The morality system, for instance, eschews Bioware’s Karmic binary bullshit, and instead goes for a system where your choices affect your standing with the various characters in your party who all have different ideals and alignments. So you don’t think a choice is ‘evil’ because the immersion-breaking morality-o-meter is telling you that the universe has decided it’s evil, rather you think a choice might be inhumane because it disgusts all of your party members apart from the unscrupulous misanthrope. The storyline is the typical Bioware pastiche of hackneyed tropes, but it has some interesting stuff going on.

        • Enkidum says:

          The overarching stories of ME1 and DA:O are essentially identical, which is actually quite an impressive achievement the difference in setting and play style. The combat is very different, and there’s much more of an emphasis on gear farming in DA, but that’s probably mostly because the inventory system in ME was such shit. I found the dialogue trees better in DA, but it’s still very much the same rinse-and-repeat conversations with random strangers who give you jobs – but I guess that’s true of RPGs in general.

        • Master Prudent says:

          I would like to strenuously but politely disagree with @Drinking_with_Skeletons:disqus regarding NWN2. Firstly its DnD rules are going to make it difficult to get into if you haven’t played this style of RPG before, secondly the camera controls are a terrible mess that leave you fighting the game as often as you play it and thirdly
          the base campaign is horribly clichéd (although yes, the expansion campaigns are great).

          The DA games on the other hand are probably the best intro to party-based, real time with pause CRPGS you could hope for. They have good tutorials that will get you up to speed quickly, a nice selection of companions and perfectly serviceable stories (I’d even go so far as to say that DA2’s is very good). Also, and this is the crucial difference really, the camera controls work.

        • JamesJournal says:


          No. Both games clearly bare the mark of the same creative team but they don’t play alike.

          ESPECIALLY when it comes to combat and exploration. You do a lot of on foot travel in Dragon Age, with quests to do X lasting several hours. That is a lot different from the “air drop, blow something up and leave” format of Mass Effect.

          Also, ME is a third person shooter with RPG elements. DA is an RPG

          You should certainly play Dragon Age Origins now, which should be dirt cheap now.

          The sequel isn’t as good. But the hate for it is overplayed, and it is currently worth the money too. I’ll probably at least play the expansions for DA:I comes out

  3. Fluka says:

    In a 2014 already pretty darn rich year for RPGs (Project Eternity, Banner Saga, Witcher 3 if that’s what you’re into, and more), this is unsurprisingly the one I’m looking forward to the most. I’m still amazed at how darn pretty it looks – the lighting makes it look like an oil painting sometimes. Gonna miss you, Dragon Age: Origins purplish brown color… And hey – the fancy next-gen Frostbite engine can apparently finally render Realistic Black People (™) as well! I have a bad feeling that my PC is going to need an update between now and then, however.

    • PaganPoet says:

      Do you get royalties from Tyler Perry for mentioning his product?

      • Fluka says:

        Not until they release Madea Joins the Grey Wardens (™)

      • Aurora Boreanaz says:

        She said REALISTIC. How does that relate to Tyler Perry’s films?

        • PaganPoet says:

          She said realistic, but you’ll notice it’s trademarked. It’s just a marketing word, sort of like how when you see the word “chocolaty” in the grocery store, you can be sure there is no actual chocolate in that product.

    • Drinking_with_Skeletons says:

      Man oh man, I haven’t followed it at all but I am kind of excited for Project Eternity. After Neverwinter Nights 2 and Fallout New Vegas, Obsidian can have all of my money.

      • Fluka says:

        Just as long as it finally comes out someday! Obsidian is like some weird combination of the best and worst games company ever, in terms of making great games despite bugs, missing deadlines, getting screwed over by parent companies, etc. I guess they’re the best company with the worst luck. The Joss Whedon of gaming, if you will. Here’s to hoping that Project Eternity is their Avengers!

        • Master Prudent says:

          I think there’s a good chance of them hitting the deadline on this one. Josh Sawyer gave a presentation at GDC Next recently where he showed off a bunch of environments and mentioned that they’ve began recording voices.

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