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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Sony announces Uncharted for PlayStation 4, Last Of Us prequel add-on, and more during hour-long commercial

By Matt Gerardi • November 15, 2013

Last night, during a nationally televised hour-long PlayStation 4 commercial hosted by Geoff Keighley, Sony used its spotlight to announce some new games and other scrimps and scramps. The biggest and least substantial was the reveal that crackerjack game studio Naughty Dog is bringing its Uncharted series of games to the PlayStation 4. The news came alongside a teaser trailer which shows nothing but a camera panning across a map covered in doodles and is narrated by a mysterious character voiced by actor Todd Stashwick.

Sony did provide some details about something else coming from Naughty Dog. Early next year, the studio will release an add-on chapter for The Last Of Us, its game about a fungal-zombie apocalypse, which was released on something called a PlayStation 3. This new installment, titled Left Behind, is set before the main game and, according to the post on the PlayStation Blog, will explore the relationship between Ellie, The Last Of Us’ teen girl hero, and her friend Riley—a friendship that was barely touched upon in The Last Of Us.

Continuing the proliferation of its indie game arsenal, Sony also announced that the only good game on the Ouya, Towerfall, will be coming to the PlayStation 4 (alongside its previously announced PC version) in “early 2014.” We also got word of a less vague release date for what looks to be the PlayStation 4’s most promising exclusive game, Infamous: Second Son. It’s scheduled for March 21 of 2014.

And last but not least, Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear Solid, was on hand to let us know that the first half of Metal Gear Solid V, this one subtitled Ground Zeroes, will arrive on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 with an exclusive bonus mission called “Deja Vu” where the game’s star, Naked Snake, will transform into the blurry-faced Solid Snake from the first Metal Gear Solid and recreate moments from that game. In other words, a Metal Gear game is going to have some confusing yet amusing meta-nonsense.

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35 Responses to “Sony announces Uncharted for PlayStation 4, Last Of Us prequel add-on, and more during hour-long commercial”

  1. Carlton_Hungus says:

    Put down the game controller snake.

  2. Sam_Barsanti says:

    My love of Metal Gear is no secret, but let’s all remember how Kojima teased the announcement that you can play a special mission as ugly PS1-model Snake:

    “‘SPIKE TV’ is one of the most popular cable TV channels in US. There’ll be a shocking PS4 related announcement that will blow your mind.”

    Blow your mind!
    He makes it so hard for me to love him, sometimes.

  3. Chalkdust says:

    Confusing yet amusing meta-nonsense is absolutely my favorite thing about the Metal Gear universe! And apparently there is a comic book series bridging the events between The Last of Us and this DLC, which introduces Riley (for those who are wondering what the hell’s going on).

    • The_Juggernaut_Bitch says:

      There was a comic book series that Dark Horse published leading up to the release of The Last of Us, titled “The Last of Us: American Dreams”, which featured Riley and Ellie and their adventures in the mall and meeting Marlene and her Fireflies. Is that what you’re referring to?

  4. cookingwithcranston says:

    When are they going to do Escape From Metal Gear: Solid 2nakes?

  5. Brian Rose says:

    So will this Playstation 4 be as good as my N-64?

  6. Drinking_with_Skeletons says:

    Man, this generational transition is weird. It used to be that the older consoles were basically faded out before the new ones even hit the market. You sure as hell didn’t have major releases for them after they were released. If I remember correctly, God of War 2 was the first time I encountered such an odd scenario.

    • rvb1023 says:

      Given the fact that Sony supports their systems for a while after the release of the new one this kind of thing has happened before. Final Fantasy IX was released on PS1 after the PS2 came out, and one of the most beloved PS2 games nowadays, Persona 4, came out in 2008, by which time the PS3 had exited its first year drought.

      I imagine companies are starting to like it more as it keeps costs under control and gives them the option to rerelease it under the new console with slightly better everything. I expect a “Game of the Year Edition” of GTA V to hit XBone and PS4 at some point, which will probably convince a lot of people to double dip, probably around the time of its inevitable PC release.

      • Drinking_with_Skeletons says:

        I assumed it just had to do with modern production schedules. You can’t stop the machine for even a moment, so you fill time with last-gen titles when you’d otherwise shift over.

  7. ytrtyerd5f says:

    This makes me wanna scream, cry, jump, shout & dance all at the same time

    – SozpotAndBailey, 5 months ago

    • Enkidum says:

      Hmmm… disqus appears to be fucking up your username. Are you AV7F or Customer Reviews or Daily Mail?

      • Enkidum says:

        Ah christ and now Disqus is using my gameological account instead of my AV club one. How am I supposed to search through my 6000 old “witty” comments now?

        EDIT: Never mind I’m on the bloody gameological page. I can’t take this moving from website to another thing!

  8. beema says:

    Yes, the MGS announcement was heard on South Park first:


  9. jungleland says:

    Am I the only one confused by “the first half” ?

    • Thirsty says:

      He’s said it’s like the tanker chapter part of MGS2. Only, you know, separate and not as cheap.

      I presume it’s going to be somewhat meaty, or else they wouldn’t release it as a game without the real MGSV.

      • jungleland says:

        Ugh. I wonder if Kojima finally made a game so long that they decided to give up on multiple discs and just break it into separate volumes altogether, or if it’s merely a marketing gimmick. Guess I’ll add MGSV to my list of “games for which I’ll wait until the inevitable GOTY edition.”

      • ocelotfox says:

        I get the impression that Kojima’s Phantom Pain is becoming so costly that Konami needed some extra revenue assurance to justify continued spending on development.

    • Destroy Him My Robots says:

      It means that Ground Zeroes comes with a second disc titled “Zone of the Enders 3”. BELIEVE!

  10. signsofrain says:

    Last of Us Prequel SPOILERS

    Looking forward to the Last of Us prequel. Poor Ellie, she gon’ lose her friend, and find out she’s immune to the cordyceps! I wonder how long the DLC’ll be. The full game took me about 16 hours to complete so I’m hoping the DLC is at least 4 good hours. Something I can kill on a Saturday afternoon.

  11. Nacho_Matrimony says:

    I wonder what Uncharted looks like in a post-The Last of Us Naughty Dog dev cycle. The latter was an answer to the former’s truest criticism, and a solution to how ND and countless other developers have attempted to harmonize gameplay and traditional storytelling. Uncharted can’t be Uncharted anymore, and I bet Naughty Dog would agree.

    • Aleksander Samuel says:

      After Uncharted 2, Naughty Dog split into two development teams – one for U3 and one for TLoU. I’m hoping they’ll both stay true to the tone of their respective games.

      • Nacho_Matrimony says:

        I’m aware of the split, and wholeheartedly agree that the respective tones of each game should be kept — gameplay dissonance aside, Uncharted has tone in spades. But I feel that TLoU is such an obvious answer to what got old about Uncharted as a player: being led to overwhelming kill boxes that wear on the gunplay’s appeal and betray the nature of Drake’s character. TLoU was so cautious and considerate about those things that I can’t see the Uncharted team not learning from them, especially if Naughty Dog is collectively devoted to telling the best stories in gaming.


    can’t fucking wait for that The Last of Us DLC, too bad it’s so far away for a DLC

    • The_Juggernaut_Bitch says:

      I know, right? I want a collaboration between Naughty Dog and Cabella’s so that we can get the next Cabella’s Big Game Hunting Deer Slayer Adventures…. with Ellie as the playable character. Let me stalk deer, elephants, rhinos, tigers, all sorts of other endangered animals through the tundra, jungles, African grasslands, all that shit.

  13. Dango says:

    They should really remake MGS1 for the PS4. The story was incredible.

  14. MeghanZeiler says:

    The Game is so very interesting to be watch for the Playstation of Sony.

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