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Activision deploys $1 billion worth of Call Of Duty: Ghosts to store shelves, not consumers

By Matt Gerardi • November 6, 2013

Hoping to appear more impressive than the record-breaking three-day sprint to $1 billion worth of sales Grand Theft Auto V achieved earlier this year, Activision announced today that it “has sold more than $1 billion of Call of Duty: Ghosts into retail stores worldwide as of day one.” In other words, by the first day the game was on sale, there was $1 billion worth of Call Of Duty flooding store shelves. Unlike the preposterous feat accomplished by Grand Theft Auto in three days, this in no way means Call Of Duty: Ghosts has sold $1 billion worth of copies to actual people. It is all but guaranteed to do so in the near future—it took last year’s version of Call Of Duty 15 days to hit that mark—but today’s announcement is little more than corporate posturing, a bit of news to feed Activision’s investors as they wait for the company to announce its second quarter financial results today.

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24 Responses to “Activision deploys $1 billion worth of Call Of Duty: Ghosts to store shelves, not consumers”

  1. mizerock says:

    The way I’m reading the stats, all it would take is $1M to buy up enough copies of an album to take it to #1 for the week. Is Pia Zadora still around?

  2. bhauck says:

    Can retailers return unsold stock, like (I think) they can with books? If not, Activision’s direct customers are stores, not people, and this would be the right number to evaluate Activision’s sales, if not necessarily the game’s popularity.

    • Carlton_Hungus says:

      Well now I ain’t no fancy city accountant but this here, I say this here sounds a bit like channel stuffing.

      I don’t doubt that they’ll eventually be sold and not that this is actually illegal but it’s obviously misleading.

      • bhauck says:

        Article says it took retailers 15 days to sell $1b worth of the last game. Stocking 15 days of inventory doesn’t sound like stuffing anything to me, but I don’t know what kind of formal definitions of channel stuffing exist, or what the typical inventory practices of these retailers are oh god why can’t I stop taking this so seriously please just look away I’m a monster

        • Carlton_Hungus says:

          I’m sure it’s a reasonable business practice for the game, but the unseemly crowing about it that they’re doing just makes it seem, icky.

  3. Aurora Boreanaz says:

    Hey, I’m the most successful game designer ever! I created $150 BILLION worth of game copies!

    All I need is a 10% investment to get them from my head into electronic format!

  4. snazzlenuts says:

    Couldn’t Activision just email their investors to let them know this, instead of telling the press? Honestly, who cares?

    • Carlton_Hungus says:

      They dug this grave when they made those snarky comments about Take Two/Rockstar breaking all the previous COD’s records. Now they need to move the goalposts to not look quite as foolish.

  5. NakedSnake says:

    What are a bunch of stores going to do with that many copies of of Call of Duty? Activision is a fool – they should have shipped to the consumers! The consumers are the ones who want the games!!!

  6. zpoccc says:

    i love how smug every niche videogame blog is when pointing this bit of pr spin, as if they were revealing something of any significance.

  7. brendawbov says:

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