Anthony John Agnello

Anthony John Agnello


Anthony is a writer living in New York whose work has appeared in The A.V. Club, Edge, and Salon. His great hope is that someone makes a game that looks and feels like upstate New York and that the game will be Klonoa 3. He owns two beaches and likes long walks on cats.

By Anthony John Agnello

  • Steamboat Willie

    Night At The Museum

    Nintendo would do well to learn from Disney Animation’s rise and fall.

  • Batman: Arkham Origins

    The Knight Shift

    Batman: Arkham Origins is as bland as a bowl of Rice Krispies, and that’s a good thing.

  • Super Mario RPG

    Just For Show

    The ending of Super Mario RPG: The Legend Of The Seven Stars hints that the constant conflict of the Mushroom Kingdom is actually a happy equilibrium.

  • Rain

    Not Quite There

    Rain is pretty like a stormy night but insubstantial like its invisible hero.

  • Wizardry IV

    Star turns: 14 bad guys who got their own games

    From heel to hero.

  • DuckTales Remastered

    You’ve Seen Everything

    DuckTales Remastered breaks the magic of the original by forcing you to see it all.

  • Grand Theft Auto V

    A Long Drive With Nothing To Think About

    Grand Theft Auto V’s world is a masterwork of craftsmanship that struggles to mean anything.

  • Puppeteer

    Strung Up

    Puppeteer is brimming with great ideas buried beneath a mountain of noise.

  • The Rise And Fall Of Rock Band

    The Rise And Fall Of Rock Band

    Charting the arc of the revolutionary music-game that rocked hard before flaming out.

  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

    The battle of the bulge: 10 games where players fight (or embrace) weight gain

    Press Start to give yourself a body-image complex!

  • Rayman Legends

    Supersize It

    Rayman Legends is opulent and brilliant, but it’s missing some of its predecessors’ sweet scrappiness.

  • Killer Is Dead

    The Killing Moon

    Goichi Suda looks inward with the conflicted Killer Is Dead.

  • Discoverie

    Dream Weaver

    Discoverie captures the best and worst parts of a recurring dream.