Derrick Sanskrit

Derrick Sanskrit


Derrick Sanskrit has produced critically-acclaimed* work as an artist and writer for Nerve, Babble, Pitchfork, The Pop Aesthetic, and The Museum Of Comic And Cartoon Art, among others. A native New Yorker, he may or may not be an elaborate sock puppet.
* Everyone’s a critic.

By Derrick Sanskrit

  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

    Halftime Report

    What is your favorite game of 2013 so far?

  • Onomastica

    Word Up

    Onomastica sends you on a literal-minded journey.

  • Saints Row: The Third

    Larger Than Life

    For its grand finale, Saints Row: The Third takes a musical cue from Footloose.

  • Victreebel

    For whom the Victreebel tolls: 8 regrettable video game portmanteaus

    When wordplay goes wrong.

  • Hotline Miami

    Vice Vice Baby

    Hotline Miami’s soundtrack is so smooth, you could almost forget about the mass homicide.

  • Fallout 3: Bobbleheads


    What are your most cherished in-game collectibles?

  • Big Bang Mini

    Baby, You’re A Firework

    The neon beats of Big Bang Mini light up the sky.

  • Animal Crossing Silhouette

    Dog Days Of Summer

    The music of Animal Crossing sets the scene for a vacation in paradise.

  • The Sims

    Plagiarize This

    What great idea do you wish more game designers would copy?

  • Soundodger

    Stairway To Bullet Heaven

    The music is dangerously good in Soundodger.

  • Mass Murder Of Steel

    Cartoonist makes game to critique the massive urban destruction of Man Of Steel

    It’s safe to say that, box office aside, Man of Steel wasn’t quite the darling Warner Bros. hoped it would be. Many critics have decried the gritty tone and the amount of violence in a summer blockbuster about arguably the most hopeful superhero in comic book history. The main topic of conversation, though, has been […]

  • Alpaca Run

    Domesticated Bliss

    Alpaca Run is a game for the self-esteem generation.

  • Game & Wario

    Just What U Needed

    Game & Wario would have served the Wii U well seven months ago.