Derrick Sanskrit

Derrick Sanskrit


Derrick Sanskrit has produced critically-acclaimed* work as an artist and writer for Nerve, Babble, Pitchfork, The Pop Aesthetic, and The Museum Of Comic And Cartoon Art, among others. A native New Yorker, he may or may not be an elaborate sock puppet.
* Everyone’s a critic.

By Derrick Sanskrit

  • 130613_gtt_twewy_featured

    Static On The Wire

    The music of The World Ends With You spotlights the freedom of urban teenage rebellion.

  • PixelJunk Eden

    Savage Garden

    There’s no time to stop and smell the roses in PixelJunk Eden’s nerve-wracking soundtrack.

  • Tron

    Sucked in: 13 pop-culture portrayals of games that consume their players

    In it to win it.

  • Coloris

    True Colors

    Coloris thanks you for playing, with a song.

  • Jacob Jones

    My Pet Monster

    You will believe a boy and his monster can solve logic problems in Jacob Jones And The Bigfoot Mystery.

  • InternationalKaratesilhouette_a

    Kick Out The Jams

    The music from International Karate is equal parts beautiful and exploitative, just the way we liked our ’80s karate!

  • 130523_qanda_featured

    That’s Not Fair!

    Difficulty is one thing. Injustice is another.

  • Little Inferno

    We Didn’t Start The Fire

    The bright, peppy sounds of Little Inferno’s ambivalent armageddon aim to raise your spirits.

  • Mega Man 2

    Robot Rock

    The theme from Wily’s fortress is ready to pump you up.

  • Mega Man 2: Metal Man

    Men Of Steel

    Each Robot Master has his own charm. We make our personal picks.

  • Stagediver

    Crowdsurf’s Up!

    You capture your fans’ hearts—and their unmentionables—in Stagediver.

  • 130502_gamethattune_sonic_featured

    The Swing In His Step

    Not even Sonic The Hedgehog could outrun the prominence of new jack swing in the 1990s.

  • Donkey Kong Country

    Come on in, the water’s fine: 9 underwater levels that aren’t awful

    When landlubber games go beneath the waves, it usually doesn’t end well. These levels manage to buck the trend.