Ellie Gibson

Ellie Gibson


Ellie Gibson is the deputy editor of Eurogamer. Born and raised in South East London, she is too lazy to leave and lives there with her husband Pete and son Charlie. Her hobbies include watching too much America’s Next Top Model and trying to think of yet more stuff Old MacDonald might plausibly have on his farm.

By Ellie Gibson

  • The Last Of Us

    Apocalypse New

    The Last Of Us trusts players, and the result is refreshing.

  • The Stuff Of Knightmare

    The Stuff Of Knightmare

    The strange TV show-video game hybrid that defined a moment in British kids’ television.

  • London Olympics Finale

    Grandad Finale

    London waves goodbye after a wonderful Olympic fortnight and finds a load of stuff to moan about after all.

  • Heaven On Earth

    Heaven On Earth

    London’s gay men scoop up the hot Olympic ticket, and a BBC basketball commentator gets very angry at a basketball.

  • The Olympic stadium

    Toff Of The World

    Britain’s Olympic champions are too upper class, says an actual Lord.

  • Letters From London: Smells Like Team Spirit

    Smells Like Team Spirit

    As the medals pile up, Britain discovers its Olympic passion.

  • Olympic viewing station

    Free Rain

    The Olympics al fresco! It looked better in the brochure.

  • Born To Be Freestyle

    Born To Be Freestyle

    The perils of taking the Olympics literally.

  • London 2012 opening ceremony

    Only Two Fruit Machines Were In Use

    The stirring scene as Londoners take in the Summer Olympics.

  • The Best Of Sawbuck Gamer: May 2012

    The Best Of Sawbuck Gamer: May 2012

    Selections from our daily reviews of free and cheap games.

  • Tomb Raider

    Tomb Raider: “Lost Valley”

    Lara Croft changed the game, one prehistoric lizard at a time.

  • Sorcery

    It’s Kind Of Magic

    The new PlayStation Move title Sorcery fails to enchant.

  • Gareth Deaves

    Gareth Deaves, Guinness World Records gaming editor

    The Guinness editor oversees the video game version of the superlative tome that brought us the world’s loudest burper.