Ellie Gibson

Ellie Gibson


Ellie Gibson is the deputy editor of Eurogamer. Born and raised in South East London, she is too lazy to leave and lives there with her husband Pete and son Charlie. Her hobbies include watching too much America’s Next Top Model and trying to think of yet more stuff Old MacDonald might plausibly have on his farm.

By Ellie Gibson

  • Ski Safari

    Snow Day

    A descendant of the old Windows game SkiFree, Ski Safari brings the infinite-sprint formula back to the slopes.

  • Battleship: The Game: The Movie: The Game

    Who’da Sunk it?

    Battleship: The Game: The Movie: The Game? Is this what we’ve come to?

  • What Are You Playing This Weekend?: The Gameological Moms

    The Gameological Moms

    Our mothers take the spotlight to share their gaming passions.

  • 8bit Ninja

    The Grapefruits Of Wrath

    8bit Ninja is an iOS game featuring fruit and ninjas. That could work.

  • The Best Of Sawbuck Gamer April 2012

    The Best Of Sawbuck Gamer: April 2012

    Selections from our daily roundup of free and cheap games.

  • Fez

    M.C. Escher With Vangelis On Keyboards

    The most amazing thing about Fez is that it works at all.

  • Sawbuck Gamer: Dreams Of A Geisha

    Sake Wishes And Tobiko Dreams

    If only the match-three puzzler Dreams Of A Geisha had been around in Edo-period Japan. How glorious it would have been.