Jason Reich

Jason Reich


Jason Reich is a writer whose credits include The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Best Week Ever and Robot Chicken. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two video game consoles.

By Jason Reich

  • Carcassonne

    Now Boarding

    The iPad has come into its own as a second platform for board games, and sometimes the digital version plays even better than the cardboard original. Here’s a guide to some choice App Store offerings.

  • jerry clouds

    Keep It Simple

    jerry clouds is storytelling at its most austere.

  • Probe Team

    Double Secret Probe-ation

    In Probe Team, the best you can do is ensure your cute robots don’t die in vain.

  • Tiny Thief

    Don’t Stop, Thief!

    Tiny Thief’s whimsical heists aim to steal your heart.

  • Quadropus

    Squid ’N Play

    The hero of Quadropus Rampage has got (four) legs—he knows how to use them.

  • King's Ascent

    Walk On The Regicide

    It’s not so good to be the king in King’s Ascent.

  • The Sims

    Plagiarize This

    What great idea do you wish more game designers would copy?

  • Obsolescence

    Ten Circles Of Bullet Hell

    Obsolescence puts a new spin (literally) on the “bullet hell” shooter.

  • Square Heart Flower

    Hip To Be Square

    Square Heart Flower reveals the deepest desires of the humble cube.

  • New Dawn For The Galaxy

    Gimme Some Space

    Eclipse: New Dawn For The Galaxy sends players on an outer-space piece-keeping mission.

  • Prism Panic

    Thank You, Sir, May I Have Another?

    The precise demands of Prism Panic test your skill as well as your patience.

  • 130325_sawbuck_24killers_featured

    Anatomy Of A Murder

    24 Killers is a murderous spin on Guess Who?.

  • Lazerman

    Noggin On Heaven’s Door

    Lazerman proves that one head is better than none.