Joe Keiser

Joe Keiser


Joe Keiser is a freelance writer who has covered games and culture for Nerve and Edge Online, among other publications. He currently resides in New York City with his wife, Rebecca Zerzan. In his spare time he enjoys pixel density, ordering crackers in bulk from Australia, and figuring out where that damned noise is coming from. What is that? Don’t you hear that?

By Joe Keiser

  • U-Bend

    Cup And Ball

    U-Bend is Pong with a twist—literally, it twists the paddles into cups. Could no one have thought of this earlier?

  • 400 Years

    Aging Gracefully

    400 Years is a browser game that thinks in centuries.

  • Road Rampage

    Dragon Punch

    Roar Rampage lets you punch skyscrapers right in their stupid faces—and that’s it.

  • Art Game

    Reject Pile

    Art Game makes you find the beauty in failure.

  • Feature: Pirate Hacks Of Africa

    The Pirate Hacks Of Africa

    Our correspondent goes shopping for knockoff games in Nairobi.

  • Ni No Kuni

    Your head, your head, your head is on fire: 12 inconvenient body modifications in games

    Piercings, prosthetics, and other corporeal experiments that go too far.

  • Shaqdown


    Does a Shaq-vs.-zombies game have a place in 2013? Maybe, but not if that game is ShaqDown.

  • Tokyo Jungle

    It’s A Dog-Eat-Hippo-Eat-Hyena World

    But games like Tokyo Jungle, Dishonored, and many others nonetheless found their way into our hearts this year.

  • Dragon Vale

    In Praise Of Un-Addictive Games

    In a free-to-play world, addiction has become a banal commodity.

  • GIrls Like Robots

    Love Rectangle

    Girls Like Robots is an entirely accurate story of young love, fleeting heartbreak, and the triumph of pie above both those things.

  • Candy

    “It’s chocolate! It’s people! It’s both!”: 21-plus superpowered candies in games

    The many guises of the sugar high.

  • Hotline Miami

    Heat Wave Of Mutilation

    Hotline Miami has you don a rubber chicken mask and eviscerate the ’80s. Everyone’s had that fantasy, right?

  • bit Dungeon

    Slash And Grab

    bit Dungeon torments with eternal clicking on monsters.