John Teti

John Teti


John Teti is the editor and founder of The Gameological Society. John lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Anna Hrachovec. They have two dumb cats. Well, the cats are smart enough by cat standards. But still pretty dumb.

By John Teti

  • PaperDude VR

    All available technology used to create an immersive version of Paperboy

    Cultural commentators will argue for years over the various causes that precipitated the rapid decline of print media, but why bother? We all know the moment that marked the beginning of the end for newspapers. It was Atari’s 1984 release of the sinister interactive video propaganda known as Paperboy. The anti-journalistic screed portrayed the nation’s […]

  • Rainbow Runner

    CommanderVideo offers a mild taste of Bit.Trip Runner’s rhythmic delights.

  • Surgeon Simulator 2013

    Have a nice trip: 9 video game drugs that induce playable hallucinations

    Drugs are bad?

  • Dark Souls first-person mod

    First-person Dark Souls is jaunty as all get out

    Word comes from Polygon of a Dark Souls player who has made the notoriously difficult role-playing game Dark Souls even harder by shoehorning it into a first-person perspective. The player goes by the name of Soul Slasher, so make sure your soul is in a safe place before you watch the video above, which demonstrates […]

  • The Oregon Trail

    Read This: A detailed history of the genesis and development of The Oregon Trail

    42 years ago, Carleton College seniors Bill Heinemann, Paul Dillenberger, and Don Rawitsch, searching for a way to get kids interested in western expansion, invented The Oregon Trail. Mental Floss has a lengthy feature about the genesis and history of the game, and it’s a truly fascinating read. Originally intended to be a board game, […]

  • Fez II logo

    People have fight on internet, game canceled

    Over the weekend, a person who bills himself as the “Annoyed Gamer” got into a Twitter fight with the person who made Fez, a beautiful game. As a result of this angry exchange of words in a forum where people are pretty much obligated to speak in half-sentence bleeps and bloops, the maker of Fez […]

  • Champs: Battlegrounds

    Choose Unwisely

    The upcoming mobile strategy game Champs: Battlegrounds makes a bid to sidestep the “paradox of choice.”

  • The Back Nine

    You’ve professed your favorites of the year, but what game are you looking forward to?

  • Halftime Report

    What is your favorite game of 2013 so far?

  • Rogue Legacy

    Games Of June 2013: Rogue Legacy

    It’s a family affair.

  • Game & Wario

    Games Of June 2013: Game & Wario

    Nintendo knows how to show off their console’s tricks. Now they just need to make the most of it.

  • John Teti and Drew Toal

    Games Of June 2013: The Last Of Us

    We dig into the patient, heartfelt The Last Of Us and play Tweet That Treat!

  • Russian University Games medalist

    Russia uses ringers to turn the World University Games into one huge game of Tecmo Bowl

    Every Tecmo Super Bowl player has done it on a lark. You play an exhibition game as the NFC All-Stars and saddle the computer with a lousy team, maybe Indianapolis. (The Colts were terrible in the Tecmo era.) Over the course of four lopsided quarters, you unleash a piping hot bowl of whoop-ass on the […]