Matt Gerardi

Matt Gerardi

Assistant Editor

Matt Gerardi is the assistant editor of The Gameological Society. He lives on (not in) Long Island, where he plays trumpet and complains about living on Long Island.

By Matt Gerardi

  • Null Divide+

    Lost In Space

    Null Divide+ is dull, but it leaves you plenty of room to grow.

  • Nintendo Roboband

    Someone got an NES to play its sounds through real instruments

    People have been pumping out recordings of themselves performing video game music since the dawn of internet video. (Remember this guy?) But this might be the first time we’ve come across a video of a video game console performing its own music (and sound effects). First published in August, the above video from a YouTube […]

  • Super Mario 3D World

    This trailer for the new Mario game is better than most new Mario games

    The undeniable star of this morning’s Nintendo Direct, the awkward monthly-ish internet show from the Big N, was the new trailer for the upcoming Super Mario 3D World. Only time will tell if this promise makes it to the actual game, which will come to the Wii U in November, but this clip has all […]

  • Troy Baker

    Sony shares a goofy alternate take on the ending of The Last Of Us

    The Last Of Us is pretty bleak. Except for a few moments of comedic relief from Ellie, the spunky teen girl at the heart of its story, it’s constantly bearing down on players with either grave danger or depressing revelations. It’s nice to see that things weren’t so serious behind the scenes, though. Today, Sony […]

  • Wizardry IV

    Star turns: 14 bad guys who got their own games

    From heel to hero.

  • Grand Theft Auto V

    We want your questions about Grand Theft Auto V

    You might have noticed that we have yet to publish a review of Grand Theft Auto V. It will have to wait until next week, but we want to give you all a little bit of Gameological perspective on this humongous game before launch week is out. We’re going to put together one of our […]

  • Pikachu

    Nintendo continues its campaign against children with new Pokémon music video

    Nintendo released the first Pokémon games in Japan 17 years ago, but with each new generation of battling critters, the formula has remained largely unchanged. While the series hasn’t ever risen again to the mass child hysteria that surrounded the release of those first titles, it has always been hugely popular with the kids. Considering […]

  • Papers, Please

    Here’s the lineup for next week’s edition of The Digest

    Hey there, Gameologiables. Next week is Digest week, so it’s time to fill you in on which games from August 2013 we’ll be dissecting on our monthly chat and chew review show. The second and third games are pretty short, and if you wanted to bring your own experiences to the table, I’d recommend checking […]

  • Mighty No. 9

    Mega Man creator announces new game that’s a lot like Mega Man, internet gives him all its money

    Keiji Inafune, best known as the former shepherd of the Mega Man series, launched a Kickstarter for a new game that’s, shall we say, heavily inspired by Mega Man over the weekend. It surpassed its $900,000 goal within three days, according to Joystiq, and, as of this writing, has raised $1.3 million. Titled Mighty No. […]

  • Divekick

    Drama Club

    Every move counts in the two-button fighting game Divekick.

  • Eddie Murphy

    Sony accidentally leaked Grand Theft Auto V’s soundtrack, and it’s phenomenal

    Some enterprising Grand Theft Auto fans spent their weekend combing through more than 20 hours of leaked audio containing the music that will appear across Grand Theft Auto V’s many radio stations. While Rockstar, the game’s developer, has yet to confirm whether or not this leaked list of songs is accurate, Sony has apologized for […]

  • Calista Brill

    Calista Brill, graphic novel editor

    A comics editor from First Second Books shares her heroic effort to curb a Plants Vs. Zombies habit.

  • I, Robot arcade game

    What crash?: 9 influential and groundbreaking games from 1983

    High points of game art from a low point of game commerce.