Samantha Nelson

Samantha Nelson


Samantha Nelson is a freelance reporter and reviewer of games, books, bars and restaurants. Her work can also be found on The A.V. Club, The Daily Herald, and Patch. Samantha lives in Evanston with her fiancé, who is totally not just marrying her for all the free stuff he gets from her job.

By Samantha Nelson

  • Marvel Heroes

    Free* Comic Book Game

    In Marvel Heroes, it pays to be a superhero—well, you pay, at least.

  • Tron

    Sucked in: 13 pop-culture portrayals of games that consume their players

    In it to win it.

  • Plants Vs. Zombies Adventures

    It’s (Barely) Alive

    Plants Vs. Zombies Adventures shambles more slowly than its undead baddies.

  • 130523_qanda_featured

    That’s Not Fair!

    Difficulty is one thing. Injustice is another.

  • Star Trek

    Warp Drivel

    A new Star Trek video game exacerbates the worst tendencies of the J.J. Abrams era.

  • Donkey Kong Country

    Come on in, the water’s fine: 9 underwater levels that aren’t awful

    When landlubber games go beneath the waves, it usually doesn’t end well. These levels manage to buck the trend.

  • Marvel: Avengers Alliance

    Assembly Required

    Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a fun exercise in superhero team-building.

  • Halo 3

    Bugging Out

    What’s your most memorable encounter with a glitch?

  • Pandora's Tower

    Meat Cute

    Pandora’s Tower caps the Wii’s run with a poignant love story.

  • Ark Of The Ages

    Hack And Swipe

    Ark Of The Ages boils dungeon crawling down to its basics.

  • Nintendo World Championships gold cartridge

    Hell Of A Year

    What’s your favorite year in video game history?

  • Dead Space: Extraction

    Dead Space: Extraction (2009)—“Worlds Apart”

    The first stage of the Dead Space prequel sets an ominous tone by borrowing a trick from TV.

  • Starcraft II: Heart Of The Swarm

    The Great Pretender

    In StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm, the queen is dead. Long live the queen.