Samantha Nelson

Samantha Nelson


Samantha Nelson is a freelance reporter and reviewer of games, books, bars and restaurants. Her work can also be found on The A.V. Club, The Daily Herald, and Patch. Samantha lives in Evanston with her fiancé, who is totally not just marrying her for all the free stuff he gets from her job.

By Samantha Nelson

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    Play It Again

    Which game-design tropes delight you every time they show up?

  • Etrian Odyssey IV

    If A Tree Falls…

    There are few seeds of change in Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends Of The Titan.

  • Fire Emblem: Awakening

    Pawn Stars

    Fire Emblem: Awakening is like chess with emotional stakes.

  • Dragon Quest VIII

    Just For You

    Has a game ever felt tailor-made to your tastes?

  • Ni No Kuni

    Your head, your head, your head is on fire: 12 inconvenient body modifications in games

    Piercings, prosthetics, and other corporeal experiments that go too far.

  • Knightly Adventures

    Knightly Adventure Is Awfully Repetitive

    Knightly Adventure is awfully repetitive.

  • Mass Effect 3

    All’s Well That Ends Well

    Diablo III entertains, Frog Fractions befuddles, and the Mass Effect 3 conclusion delights at least one of our writers in today’s year-end staff picks.

  • Chicago Toy Fair

    “Kids Use Chips, Adults Use Sips”

    At the Chicago Toy And Game Fair, creators pitch the cross-generational fun of their games. We pick our highlights and other lights from last month’s show.

  • Pandaria


    With kung fu pandas and battling pets, World Of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria preaches to the converted.

  • The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes

    Elementary School

    The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes’ simple frustrations hurt an otherwise solid detective story.

  • inFamous 2

    To be or not to be: 9 games that let you choose martyrdom

    There’s glory in a noble death, but staying alive has its perks, too.

  • The Last Story

    Last Verse, Same As The First

    The Last Story is a reasonably entertaining fight through a predictable story.

  • Legasista

    It’s A Trap

    Hazards can be your friends in the quirky dungeon-crawler Legasista.