Steve Heisler

Steve Heisler


Steve Heisler writes about comedy, games and television for The A.V. Club, Vulture, and Variety. He’s a producer of the Just For Laughs comedy fest and cocreator of Brooklyn's finest (only) comedy/karaoke show, The Jukebox. In seventh grade, a kid sold him a video game, then made fun of him for playing video games. Steve’s still puzzled about that one.

By Steve Heisler

  • Bonsai Worlds

    Hurry Up And Relax

    Bonsai Worlds demands you do nothing, and fast.

  • Mega Man 2: Metal Man

    Men Of Steel

    Each Robot Master has his own charm. We make our personal picks.

  • Gamify Your Life

    All The World’s A Game

    Turning your life into a nonstop play session is less fun than it sounds.

  • Donkey Kong Country

    Come on in, the water’s fine: 9 underwater levels that aren’t awful

    When landlubber games go beneath the waves, it usually doesn’t end well. These levels manage to buck the trend.

  • Halo 3

    Bugging Out

    What’s your most memorable encounter with a glitch?

  • Nimble Quest

    On The Move

    Nimble Quest never stops running.

  • Nintendo World Championships gold cartridge

    Hell Of A Year

    What’s your favorite year in video game history?

  • Guacamelee!

    Mask And Ye Shall Receive

    Guacamelee! celebrates the delight of disguise.

  • Steve Gadlin

    Steve Gadlin, comedian

    His cat-drawing business is exploding, but he can learn a thing or two about The Cave from his daughter.

  • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

    This Old House

    Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon makes home improvement a pleasure.

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    Play It Again

    Which game-design tropes delight you every time they show up?

  • Fight Club


    Fight Club the video game becomes what Fight Club the movie despises.

  • Inventory: Oof!

    Oof!: 13 great grunters in video games

    Who needs words?