For Our Consideration

  • Xbox E3 2013 press conference: World Of Tanks

    Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?

    Microsoft’s E3 press conference had no discernible audience.

  • Xbox 360

    Backward Thinking

    Shunning support for older games isn’t just bad for players—it denigrates the entire art form.

  • The Walking Dead

    Empathy Games

    Finding the virtues amid the violence of Telltale’s The Walking Dead.

  • Persona 4

    Silence Is Golden

    Just because games can talk doesn’t mean they should.

  • Dead Island: Riptide promotional statuette flyer

    It Belongs In A Museum

    An awful Dead Island: Riptide promotional statuette serves as a breathtaking work of shock art.

  • PlayStation 2

    It Did One Thing Well

    A eulogy for the PlayStation 2, the last of the single-purpose gizmos.

  • Dragon Vale

    In Praise Of Un-Addictive Games

    In a free-to-play world, addiction has become a banal commodity.

  • Double Dragon

    Smacks And The City

    The history of Double Dragon reflects a culture’s changing relationship with the urban landscape.

  • EA Medal Of Honor partners page

    Partners In Arms

    In their quest for realism, military shooters have ventured into murky moral territory.

  • The Binding Of Isaac

    The Joy Of The Forsaken

    The god who rules The Binding Of Isaac doesn’t care about justice. That’s what makes the game great.