Game That Tune

  • NARC

    Cop Rock

    A gory game becomes indie-rock trivia.

  • LocoRoco

    Mellow Yellow

    Ignorance is bliss with LocoRoco’s upbeat nonsense soundtrack.

  • Pulseman

    Finger On The Pulse

    The neo-future soundtrack of Pulseman may just be timeless.

  • de Blob

    Do You See What I Hear?

    You can feel the positive vibes in the many colors of de Blob’s soundtrack.

  • Thunder Force IV

    Electric Slide

    The music of Thunder Force IV is the sound of airborne triumph.

  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

    Bad Moon Rising

    Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP sounds dank but never dreary.

  • Little Nemo

    Dream Theater

    Even the nightmares on Little Nemo: The Dream Master’s soundtrack are warm and charming.

  • Rayman Origins

    The Cut Of Their Gibberish

    The upbeat nonsense of Rayman Origins’ soundtrack keeps us from asking questions.

  • Silver Surfer

    Cosmic Relief

    After Depeche Mode, before Daft Punk, there was Silver Surfer on the NES.

  • Rhythm Heaven

    Love Is In The Air

    The smooth R&B stylings of Rhythm Heaven put us in the mood for romance.

  • Dragon's Dogma

    Dragons East!

    The title song of Dragon’s Dogma is an aural culture clash.

  • Bastion

    Go West, Young Man

    Bastion’s soundtrack blends Western twang with industrial whizz-bang.

  • Battletoads

    Frog Legs

    The minimalist sci-fi freakout sounds of Battletoads are the perfect contrast to the game’s bombastic action.