Gameological At E3

  • Frostbite 3

    What’s a game engine, and why does EA want you to care about it?

    A game engine—like Unreal Engine 3, the engine that is used to make most of today’s big budget games—is like the heart and brain of a game. It’s the code that takes care of the seemingly simple stuff that’s universal to most games, like interpreting controller inputs, pulling up the appropriate graphics and sound, and […]

  • Retro City Rampage

    A Link To The Past

    Retro City Rampage pays tribute to the pulp of gaming’s yesteryear.

  • Final Fantasy Theatrhythm

    Second Verse

    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy belies its cynicism with warm tunes.

  • Jake Kazdel and Borut Pfeifer

    Jake Kazdal and Borut Pfeifer, Skulls Of The Shogun developers

    The creators of Skulls Of The Shogun talk about going indie after working for EA.

  • Snapshot: Bob Matthews, Bond game developer

    Bob Matthews, creative director on 007 Legends

    The mind behind most of James Bond’s recent video game adventures talks about recapturing the spirit of Ian Fleming’s Bond.

  • SimCity

    Bright Lights, Little City

    The new SimCity comes into focus.

  • Rayman Legends

    We Play, You Work

    Rayman Legends looks beautiful, but it may expose a flaw in the Wii U.

  • The Eurogameological E3 Podcast: Day 3

    The Eurogameological E3 Podcast: Day 3

    Legendary programmer John Carmack is bringing virtual reality back. But who will bring back Turbo Hitler?

  • Aram Jabbari, Atlus PR manager

    Aram Jabbari, Atlus Games PR manager

    One of the people responsible for bringing offbeat Japanese games to the states talks about the challenges in finding the next big, little thing.

  • Dishonored


    You can inhabit the souls of vermin or take a more direct approach as the assassin in Dishonored.

  • Tank! Tank! Tank!

    Tanks For The Memories

    Tank! Tank! Tank! is a silly arcade game with a bit of Calvin And Hobbes spirit.

  • The Eurogameological E3 Podcast: Day 2

    The Eurogameological E3 Podcast: Day 2

    What if they held an E3 and nobody showed up?

  • Nintendo's E3 2012 press conference

    Lost In Explanation

    Nintendo’s fear of being misunderstood is turning it into a pedant.