Gameological Q&A

  • Desmond Miles

    The Heroes We Don’t Deserve

    Is there a video game hero you can’t stand?

  • Why Can’t We Be Friends?

    What creatures do you wish you didn’t have to fight?

  • Super Mario Bros.

    There And Back Again

    What game have you played through, from start to finish, more than any other?

  • Potent Quotables

    What video game quotes do you slip into conversation?

  • Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

    Understudy Hall

    Which sidekicks outshine their heroes?

  • Halftime Report

    What is your favorite game of 2013 so far?

  • Fallout 3: Bobbleheads


    What are your most cherished in-game collectibles?

  • Plagiarize This

    What great idea do you wish more game designers would copy?

  • That’s Not Fair!

    Difficulty is one thing. Injustice is another.

  • Mega Man 2: Metal Man

    Men Of Steel

    Each Robot Master has his own charm. We make our personal picks.

  • Halo 3

    Bugging Out

    What’s your most memorable encounter with a glitch?

  • Nintendo World Championships gold cartridge

    Hell Of A Year

    What’s your favorite year in video game history?

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    Play It Again

    Which game-design tropes delight you every time they show up?