Letters From London

  • London Olympics Finale

    Grandad Finale

    London waves goodbye after a wonderful Olympic fortnight and finds a load of stuff to moan about after all.

  • Heaven On Earth

    Heaven On Earth

    London’s gay men scoop up the hot Olympic ticket, and a BBC basketball commentator gets very angry at a basketball.

  • The Olympic stadium

    Toff Of The World

    Britain’s Olympic champions are too upper class, says an actual Lord.

  • Letters From London: Smells Like Team Spirit

    Smells Like Team Spirit

    As the medals pile up, Britain discovers its Olympic passion.

  • Olympic viewing station

    Free Rain

    The Olympics al fresco! It looked better in the brochure.

  • Born To Be Freestyle

    Born To Be Freestyle

    The perils of taking the Olympics literally.

  • London 2012 opening ceremony

    Only Two Fruit Machines Were In Use

    The stirring scene as Londoners take in the Summer Olympics.