The Bulletin

  • Sleeping Dogs

    Dogging It

    We get some details on Far Cry 4, someone else has a problem with EA, and Square Enix refuses to let Sleeping Dogs lie.

  • Link

    The Missing Link

    Everything is getting a sequel, from Zelda and Mario (surprise) to Mega Man (kind of) and Half-Life (probably not)

  • Steam Controller

    What Am I Looking At?

    Valve makes another move into the living room, EA makes a deal with ex-college jocks, Grand Theft Auto V gets ready to make even more money, and Mega Man makes an unexpected return.

  • SimCity

    The Big Score

    Grand Theft Auto hits it big and SimCity travels to the world of tomorrow.

  • Infinity Blade III

    One More Thing

    Apple announces the release date for its console-killing iOS update, Richard B. Riddick returns, and Microsoft does another wacky thing.

  • Timesplitters

    About Time

    We finally know the Xbox One’s release date, a time-traveling shooter might be coming back, and a new development hits Gameological’s ongoing Pizza Hut app investigation.

  • Nintendo 2DS


    The 3DS gets flatter, and the Angry Birds gets behind the wheel.

  • Gamescom

    Zero-Sum Gamescom

    The PlayStation 4 gets a release date, the Xbox One gets Peggle 2, and you get the ability to return digital games (on Origin).

  • Call Of Duty: Ghosts

    Girl (Fire)Power

    Call Of Duty gets female soldiers and Microsoft changes another thing you didn’t like about the Xbox One.

  • Pizza


    Nintendo has an announcement for Luigi lovers and the Xbox One secret Microsoft won’t talk about.

  • Reggie Fils-Aime


    Fez II is dead, Star Wars: Battlefront isn’t coming anytime soon, and Nintendo fans turn to a man named Reggie.

  • Ouya

    Never Gonna Give You Up

    The Ouya isn’t taking over the world, Denis Dyack won’t quit, and Microsoft keeps trying to make you like the Xbox One.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars II teaser

    Scum And Villainy

    Angry Birds and Star Wars move on to the prequels, Firefly finally gets a video game, EA loses the NCAA in NCAA Football, and more.