The Bulletin

  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

    Neon Trees

    Far Cry 3 goes back to the retro-future, we discover Batman’s origin, and EA is just the worst in Gameological’s weekly news roundup.

  • Star Wars 1313

    Suddenly Silenced

    LucasArts closes its doors, Brock Samson plays poker, and more in Gameological’s weekly news roundup.

  • A dolphin from the Big Blue Kickstarter page who may or may not be Ecco The Dolphin (probably not, in all honesty). That would be an AMAZING coincidence.

    Is There An Ecco In Here?

    Metal Gear manages to make real life confusing, Ecco the dolphin comes back (sort of), and more in this week’s game news roundup.

  • Sweatshop

    Games About Nothing

    Apple gives a game the heave-ho for being too relevant, EA tries to make good, and more in the inaugural edition of our game news roundup.