• Harold Ryan, president, Bungie

    Harold Ryan, president, Bungie

    The head of the former Halo studio says the upcoming Destiny once played like Gauntlet—and still might.

  • Bennett Sims

    Bennett Sims, writer

    The novelist’s unconventional book equates video game death screens with zombie semi-consciousness.

  • Justin Wiebe

    Justin Wiebe, creative director, Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

    The PopCap developer is buying what Microsoft and Sony are selling.

  • Mark Pacini

    Mark Pacini, director, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

    For the first time in Gameological history, a developer apologizes for not having enough dumb ideas.

  • Steve Jaros, creative director, Saints Row IV

    Steve Jaros, creative director, Saints Row IV

    If future space aliens want a violent video game with plenty of Jane Austen, they know where to look.

  • Adam Heart

    Adam Heart, creator, Divekick

    The developer of a satirical fighting game prefers tacos to booze.

  • Matt Brunner

    Matt Brunner, cinematic director, Murdered: Soul Suspect

    The Square Enix developer thinks alien societies could learn about the afterlife from his game.

  • E3 2013 logo

    You Asked, They’ll Answer

    Here are the questions for next week’s Gameological Questionnaire at E3.

  • Ken Baumann

    Ken Baumann, actor and writer

    The actor, publisher, and author talks about launching a book series about video games and his love of EarthBound.

  • E3 2011 in photos

    Questions, Please

    Tell us what you want us to ask developers on the E3 2013 show floor, and perhaps you will win prizes that surpass your mildest dreams!

  • Jon Bartok and Ramphy Boro, Game Champ

    Jon Bartok and Ramphy Boro, game store employees

    Two helpful staffers at Gameological’s local game store dig into Star Wars and Donkey Kong.

  • Susan O'Connor

    Susan O’Connor, game writer

    The industry veteran and writers’ advocate has looked into the future of video games, and her frustrations are at a breaking point.

  • Scharpling

    Tom Scharpling, radio host

    The star of The Best Show explains the simple pleasures of a Simpsons game and questions the need for T&A on 1970s pinball machines.