What Are You Playing This Weekend?

  • Batman: Arkham Origins

    A.A. Dowd, A.V. Club Film Editor

    The A.V. Club’s film editor is returning to Gotham.

  • David Anthony

    David Anthony, A.V. Club web producer

    David opens up a new, dangerous avenue of inquiry: What are you wearing while you’re playing?

  • NBA 2K14

    Nov. 1, 2013: Anthony John Agnello, Joe Keiser, Drew Toal, and John Teti

    Gameological staffers share their plans and take stupid “selfies” for some reason. Drew started it.

  • Landon Gray Mitchell

    Oct. 25, 2013: Matt Gerardi, Matt Kodner, and Landon Gray Mitchell

    Our video assistant accidentally invents a new Katamari sequel.

  • Ron Funches

    Ron Funches, comedian

    The stand-up explains why the new Pokémon reminds him of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

  • Clive Thompson

    Clive Thompson, writer

    The author of Smarter Than You Think relaxes in bullet hell.

  • Laura Green

    Laura Green, musician

    Laura Green shares the secrets of a professional Power Glove player.

  • Michael J. Nelson

    Michael J. Nelson, comedian

    Rifftrax’s Michael J. Nelson has a never-ending battle with words, whether he’s working or playing.

  • Lucas Neff, actor

    Lucas Neff, actor

    The star of Raising Hope is on fire (in NBA Jam).

  • Daniel Kibblesmith

    Daniel Kibblesmith, comedian

    The co-author of How To Win At Everything explains how to win at iPhone games.

  • Ben Dolnick

    Ben Dolnick, author

    The writer of At The Bottom Of Everything couldn’t get to the bottom of Skyrim.

  • William Watterson, actor

    William Watterson, actor

    The star of Lost Planet 3 has invented a more peaceful version of the Atari 2600 game River Raid.

  • Calista Brill

    Calista Brill, graphic novel editor

    A comics editor from First Second Books shares her heroic effort to curb a Plants Vs. Zombies habit.