What Are You Playing This Weekend?

  • The Gameological Moms

    The Gameological Moms, Vol. 2

    The staff moms are back again, this time answering questions with a nostalgic bent.

  • Ethan Rutherford, author

    Some guys have poker night. The writer of The Peripatetic Coffin has ”Nofriendo Friday.“

  • Stephen Markley

    Stephen Markley, writer

    The author of Publish This Book tells us why Jenga is the perfect drinking game.

  • Keisha Howard, robot pugilist

    Robot Combat League jockey Keisha Howard is ready to give up bots for BioShock.

  • Chris Gethard

    Chris Gethard, TV host

    Thanks to pinball, Chris Gethard has lost more than his share of quarters at the laundromat.

  • Brian Clevinger

    Brian Clevinger, cartoonist

    The creator of Atomic Robo is ready for his wiseass bot to take on the games world.

  • Steve Gadlin

    Steve Gadlin, comedian

    His cat-drawing business is exploding, but he can learn a thing or two about The Cave from his daughter.

  • Magary

    Drew Magary, writer

    The Deadspin mainstay can’t get his head around first graders playing Call Of Duty.

  • Lego City: Undercover

    Home Cooking

    We look inward for this weekend’s game picks.

  • June Diane Raphael on Burning Love

    June Diane Raphael, comedian

    The star of Burning Love won’t let a busted printer stand in the way of her daily crossword.

  • Justin Taylor

    Justin Taylor, writer

    The author of Everything Here Is The Best Thing Ever explains why Final Fantasy VI’s gloomy World Of Ruin is so great.

  • Gabe Serbian

    Gabe Serbian, musician

    The legendary drummer has only one game on his mind. And he’s just happy he doesn’t have to buy memory cards any more.

  • Will Leitch

    Will Leitch, sportswriter

    The author of God Save The Fan loves modern sports games. He just doesn’t like to play them.