Annals Of Miscellany

  • Weird dice

    We now know more about those mystery dice from last month than anybody ever needed to know

    Time to follow up on some unfinished business. Last month, after finding some strange dice at an odds-and-ends store in Chicago, I invited Gameological readers to figure out what the heck they were. The only evidence they had was two pictures of the dice, yet at the end of an afternoon of exciting detective work—everybody […]

  • Weird dice

    What the hell are these dice?

    Here’s an afternoon puzzler for you: What are these dice? We discovered them here at Gameological HQ today. Matt Kodner, one of the site’s intrepid editorial assistants, was opening a “mystery bag” of little tchotchkes that I picked up for him during a recent visit to Uncle Fun in Chicago. We’re mystified, and we wonder […]

  • Sonic Gangnam Style

    The best and the worst video game-themed “Gangnam Style” parodies on YouTube

    The other day, my brain played a dirty trick on me. I was reading over my Sawbuck review of The Ruins Of Machi Itcza, specifically the phrase “Pac-Man-style.” For reasons clear only to the part of my brain that I hate, when I reread it for the tenth time, I shouted out, “Oppan Pac-Man Style!” […]

  • Coin pusher

    That gold coin is about to fall off the ledge, we can feel it—and so can millions of other people, apparently

    There is no more baffling piece of technology on the internet than the computer that runs the YouTube related-videos sidebar. And yes, I’m sure it is just a single computer—I think it’s an old Mac IIci. Its standards of relevance are unpredictable and obscure. I don’t remember what I was watching when I noticed the […]

  • 8-Bit Pale Ale

    Tasting the retrogaming themed microbrew, 8-Bit Pale Ale

    Traditionally, I’ve paired classic games with the cheap macrobrews of the midwest. Nothing accentuates a mustachioed plumber from Brooklyn or rough-and-tumble twin brothers from the inner city like a Pabst Blue Ribbon or a Miller High-Life—urine-colored brews with the flavor of watered-down gasoline offset by a slight hint of aluminum. Both are tolerable when served […]

  • The Omni

    “Immersive” full-body controllers may exist solely to make you look like an idiot

    We’ve got immersion on the mind this week, so I was especially amused to see this new Kickstarter project called Omni. As you can see in the intro video above, the idea of the Omni is that you step into this octagon of humiliation wearing a pair of special shoes and (optionally) a pair of […]

  • Two Gameological staffers appeared side by side in an issue of Nintendo Power—10 years ago

    We haven’t run a contest in a while, and we’re still not. (But we will be running a pretty cool one next week. Look out!) That photo below is a convoluted reader-submitted quiz from a 2004 issue of Nintendo Power, the cover of which is featured above, complete with Shrek’s gut overhanging the magazine’s logo. […]

  • Skee-Ball

    This new Skee-Ball game from Google is awful, but let’s talk about Skee-Ball anyway

    Google has released another “Chrome Experiment,” which is the company’s name for its games that require a zillion devices and don’t work very well and aren’t that great even when they do work, anyway. This new Google game is called Roll It. Once you hook up the virtual wires between your telephone and the online […]