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  • Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!: Glass Joe

    Mike Tyson admits he was terrible at Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

    Mike Tyson shattered his fair share of jaws in his successful boxing career, but today, news broke that will shatter hundreds of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! fans’ hearts (if Tyson’s decades of sordid and depressing travails didn’t do so already): Tyson stinks at his own game. As captured by TMZ and as seen in the video […]

  • Spelunky

    PC version of Spelunky includes daily challenges so you can prove you’re slightly better at not dying than your friends

    Spelunky, the randomly generated, tough-as-nails Indiana Jones simulator, is making its way back to the personal computer with a little something special in tow. The game, which was originally released as a free download for PCs, made its Xbox 360 debut last year as a remake with lots of added bells and whistles. That upgraded […]

  • Firefly

    Fox announces official Firefly video game (hooray)—from the maker of Dairy Queen Tycoon (uh…)

    Where’s Firefly? On your smartphones and tablets starting in summer 2014, apparently. Today, Fox Digital Entertainment announced at San Diego Comic-Con that an official Firefly “multi-user, social online role-playing game,” appropriately titled Firefly Online, will be coming to Android and iOS devices next year. It’s being made by QMx Interactive, developer of the Super 8 […]

  • EarthBound

    Nintendo re-releases quirky cult classic EarthBound for Wii U

    Nintendo has finally released EarthBound, its 1995 Super Nintendo role-playing game, on its Virtual Console download service. The game will run you $10—a lot less than the average cost of cartridge-only copies, which is about $160—and is only available on the Wii U Virtual Console, not the crummy old Wii or 3DS. The game’s subversive […]

  • Russian University Games medalist

    Russia uses ringers to turn the World University Games into one huge game of Tecmo Bowl

    Every Tecmo Super Bowl player has done it on a lark. You play an exhibition game as the NFC All-Stars and saddle the computer with a lousy team, maybe Indianapolis. (The Colts were terrible in the Tecmo era.) Over the course of four lopsided quarters, you unleash a piping hot bowl of whoop-ass on the […]

  • Steam Sale

    The annual Steam summer sale has begun

    Get your credit cards ready (or head to your favorite retailer and purchase a handful of Steam giftcards with cold hard cash, if that’s how you roll) because it’s that time of year again—Black Friday for video game fans. Steam, the digital game superstore, just launched its annual summer sale, which means loads of games […]

  • Shanghai skyline

    China plans to end its ban on game consoles

    Coming to us by way of Kotaku, a report in the South China Morning Post says that the Chinese government plans to lift its official ban on the sale of game consoles, which has been in effect since 2000. That sound you hear is the sound of studio executives’ mouths watering. (And since mouth-watering is […]

  • Grand Theft Auto V

    Trailer reveals new details about Grand Theft Auto V’s tennis mode, other things

    There’s a question that comes up more than any other in the Gameological feedback bin: “When is the Grand Theft Auto series going to feature tennis?” Now, thanks to a new trailer released by Rockstar today (seen above), we can definitively answer, “Probably soon, as long as they don’t take it out before the game […]

  • 130709_short_ryandavis

    Giant Bomb co-founder Ryan Davis dies at 34

    Ryan Davis, co-founder of the gaming website Giant Bomb, has died at the age of 34. He passed on July 3, only a few days after getting married. One of his Giant Bomb colleagues, Matt Rorie, broke the news with an obituary. The cause of death has not been released. Davis was a longtime member […]

  • It's a trap!

    EVE Online players lose ship worth $10,000 in real-world cash, the most expensive loss in EVE history

    I admit it. I got hooked on Candy Crush Saga, just like everyone else (judging by the smartphones I see on the New York subway). And yes, when I’ve been stuck for a while, on occasion I will shell out a dollar to get some help and move on to the next level already. I […]

  • Don Mattrick

    Internet’s most hated games executive taking new job at internet’s most hated games studio

    Update 4:05 p.m.: Zynga has announced that Don Mattrick is their new CEO. He will also join the Zynga board. Outgoing CEO Mark Pincus, one of Zynga’s co-founders, will remain the company’s chairman and “Chief Product Officer.” Original story: Don Mattrick, president of Microsoft’s Xbox division and maligned Xbox One envoy, is leaving the company […]

  • The Greenlight Supershow

    Developers unite for 13-hour indie game awareness marathon, and you can watch it here

    Tomorrow, starting at 10:30 a.m. Eastern time, a coalition of independent developers will be putting on a 13-hour-plus live streaming marathon to raise awareness for their games—and to encourage viewers to help them out. The quasi-telethon, dubbed The Greenlight Supershow, will feature 23 games that are currently awaiting approval on Steam’s Greenlight service. We’ve embedded […]

  • Saints Row IV

    Australia outlaws Saints Row IV by refusing to classify it by classifying it

    Australia’s Classification Board, a quasi-governmental body that sets ratings for film, literature, and video games, has refused to classify the upcoming game Saints Row IV, essentially making it illegal for sale in Australia. Well, it’s not quite accurate to say that the Board refused to classify the game. Instead, “The Classification Board classified the game […]