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  • Mind-controlled Pong

    Duke University students devised a Pong you can play with your brain

    Researchers at Duke University have built a version of Pong that players can control with their minds. (This report from Raleigh’s News & Observer comes to me by way of Kotaku.) You put some electrodes on your head, sit back, and think “up” or “down,” and the paddle on screen moves accordingly. If it were […]

  • David Dreger A.K.A. Knuckles Dawson

    R.I.P. David “Knuckles Dawson” Dreger

    We don’t do many obituaries on The Gameological Society, but I would like to take a moment to recognize the death of David Dreger. Better known by his online sobriquet, Knuckles Dawson, he was a contributor to games websites including Rooster Teeth, and he specialized in coverage of in-game Achievements on the Xbox 360. Knuckles […]

  • Microsoft executive announces that players can sell all the goddamn used Xbox One games in the world, for all he cares

    Microsoft executive Don Mattrick published a missive on the official Xbox site today that walks back many of the restrictions that the Xbox One was going to place on used game disc sales and offline play. “We’ve listened to your feedback and made changes” is the stated message. “Fine, you can unplug your goddamn internet […]

  • PlayStation 4

    You’ll be able to own the parallelepiped PlayStation 4 for $400

    Sony concluded its E3 press conference with the announcement that the PlayStation 4 will go on sale for $400, which is $100 less than the Xbox One. That was only the final blow that Sony dealt to Microsoft at the event, which had its slow moments but was an excellent show overall. Sony also told […]

  • The new Xbox 360

    There’s a new model of the Xbox 360, too, but beware

    Microsoft announced a new design for the Xbox 360 today, which they claim they created to bring it in line with the industrial design of the Xbox One. This is nonsense. The existing black Xbox 360 “S” design, which has been in stores for three years, already bears a strong resemblance to the One. This […]

  • The Xbox One will run you 500 bucks

    Microsoft executive Phil Spencer announced today at the company’s E3 press conference that the Xbox One is slated to release in November, and it will cost $500. Spencer tried to hide his dread as he announced that figure, but he does not have a great poker face. The reaction among the members of the press […]

  • iam8bit DuckTales money bin

    An L.A.-based art studio created a miniature Scrooge McDuck money bin so you can live out your plutocratic-waterfowl fantasies

    The 1952 Scrooge McDuck story “Only A Poor Old Man,” by the comic-book Duck auteur Carl Barks, was the first time that Scrooge uttered his most famous line. “I love to dive around in it like a porpoise,” he said of the cash in his vast money bin, “and burrow through it like a gopher, […]

  • Atari E.T.

    Legendary Atari E.T. dumping ground to be excavated for documentary

    Did Atari, facing a total collapse of the home video game industry, really bury millions of unsold cartridges, most notably tons of copies of its E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial game, in a New Mexico landfill? It’s one of video game history’s most famous urban legends, and we might finally be on the brink of real video […]

  • Final Fantasy IX

    Player discovers a new Final Fantasy IX side quest, 13 years later, after bothering to read the strategy guide

    Thirteen years after the role-playing game Final Fantasy IX was released on the PlayStation, an astute fan has discovered a side quest that appears to have gone unnoticed by players outside Japan. The quest revolves around an unusual family whose members keep getting lost when they go looking for the other members of the family […]

  • Reply hazy, try again

    The used-game situation on the Xbox One is unclear, but it sounds bad (UPDATE: Microsoft says it’s all lies)

    ANOTHER UPDATE AT 8:30, THE LAST ONE, BECAUSE I’M ALREADY SO VERY TIRED OF THIS NONSENSE: By way of its Xbox division mascot, Larry Hryb, Microsoft further clarified (by which I mean the exact opposite of that) its position. “While there have been many potential scenarios discussed, today we have only confirmed that we designed […]

  • Sorry, you won’t be able to play Bomberman: Act Zero on the Xbox One—or any other Xbox 360 game, for that matter

    During our liveblog of the Xbox One reveal, the most asked question—other than “What the hell is going on?”—was: Will I be able to play my Xbox 360 games on it? The answer is no, according to a report on Polygon. The Verge, Polygon’s sister site, spoke with Microsoft executive Marc Whitten, who confirmed the […]

  • The Xbox One looks like an old VCR

    Unlike Sony—the company that held a PS4 unveiling at which they did not unveil the PS4—Microsoft was eager to give players a look at the new “Xbox One” hardware during their otherwise substance-free media event today. As you can see in this suspiciously perfect “photograph,” the console itself looks like a high-end VCR circa 1986. […]